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Cape Fair 12/3/17

I put in at 7:20 and fished a straight worm for a couple hours and had a couple shorts, and a couple swing and misses. It was pretty slow with the worm. I started throwing some cranks, spinnerbaits and squarebill with not much luck at all. 

I went to the very back of a 50 yard cut with a black Buzzbait with a gold blade and when I pulled it over the top of a log in the far back something took a swipe at it but stopped just short of hitting it. That got me excited because it seemed big. For some reason she pulled away from it. 

I changed to a black on black Buzzbait and did much better. I caught about 12 on it with 2 good keepers, and they really wanted it. The big one was 3.14 and the other was 3.5 on my scale. 

It sure was good to get out again and set the hook, it has been way too long. Water temp was 55.7 and I pulled out right at noon.




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Cheese, most of us have been waiting all year for a top water bite. Here you go and throw a buzz bait on December 3rd and catch some nice fish.  Who knew!!!! Congratulations and nice pics of healthy fish. Now I have a dilemma.....do I use a spoon and go 40’ deep or throw a buzz bait in a small cut? Decisions, decisions, decisions.....I’m so confused.


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19 hours ago, Quillback said:

Buzz-Bait fish, I am jealous! 

I wore the paint off a Crock-O-Gator about a month ago.  All of 0 strikes on it. Not sure I would be cut out for Musky fishing.

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1 hour ago, Seth Clarkson said:

What size buzzbait is that cheesemaster? It looks to be on the smaller side of the scale.



The picture doesn't do it any justice - but its a 1/2oz made by Lunker Lure. Love them.

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