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Cape Fair 9/17

I launched at 6:30am and tried a couple different banks that I don't normally fish. I caught 1 that went 14.5" in the first 10 minutes, but it was slow after that. Like I normally do - I started with a black Buzzbait and only had 2 shorts on it. 

Water temp was77.4 when I put in and it ended up at 76.4 when I left at 1:15pm. Visability was a couple feet.

I couldn't put much together. I caught a few here and few there. No keepers all day. I fished through the rain that lasted a few hours or more. I put 10 or 12 in the boat. I caught a double on a "deep little N". They were about 6" each. I caught a couple on a Mann's spinner bait, deep little N, rock crawler, buzzbait and a couple on a straight worm.20170917_063932.thumb.jpg.966f47da522ee9e8fc7f68718a51e87a.jpg

I caught my very first Table Rock walleye that went 17". I caught it on a Rock Crawler. That was pretty awesome!!

I ran across another poisonous snake. Not a good picture and I took a picture of these geese flying right over the top of me. I thought it was pretty cool. 





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8 hours ago, 176champion said:

Well now we know how to keep Vernon off our fishing spots...just throw a couple of fake snakes out there and he will just keep going....lol

As if I'm a threat to catch anything off of anybody's spots in the first place!

But you're right - rubber snakes (or otherwise) would do it!

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