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Fishing update, as of 6/9

Spent a week now chasing the little buggers. Pretty decent fishing, despite the weather and the low 80 degree water temps.

Up front info... haven't seen much of anything that looks like drop shot or other vertical fish. And we've looked.

We have found a solid drag bite, main lake or near it. Pretty much requires a sharp drop, wood, deep water access, or better yet all three together. Mostly 18'-25', but if you find a place with a shallower drop, it's worth checking. 

Guarantee Bo could point to a few on the map. These places may look like flat gravel, but the better ones have stair step ledges, sometimes with 15' less than 50 yards from 100+.

Catching a mix of all 4, meanies included, with a good number of solid blacks. Ned is catching them, but so is a tube, and the stupid Finesse Shadz. We've caught a handful of fish on top, all wake baits of various kind. That includes the monstrous Bull Shad wake bait. That's like throwing a live 9" bluegill at them.



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Looks like a blast. Btw, are you still making anymore ned rig jigheads? I've been trying to message you but it says you can't receive messages so I'm not sure what the deal is. PM me if you still are.

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