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Mar 30-Apr 8

My father and I had our annual trip and all I could say...and can say is WOW. The fishing right now is incredible. Although the “Easter Squall” occurred and it was quite cold a majority of the week the fishing was on fire. Three of the days I was able to lock down double limits with all fish coming on Keitechs, Ned’s, Rockcrawlers and grubs. Fished the Aunts Creek Tourney Sat-Sun with pre-fish on Fri. During pre-fish I found a 20 yrd stretch of bank in muddy water that gave me 8 keepers in 8 casts with the final 3 being over 5lbs. I didn’t mean to over fish it, but it was an experience out of this world. Managed 10 more keepers from that same stretch over the weekend. At launch on Sat it was 22 degrees we had half an inch of snow in our boat...the lake looked like Christmas. Had our limit within an hour and culled through the mid day weigh in. We were 3rd going into the final and I believe finished 5th out of 70 boats. Sun was a bit more difficult, but my dad was able to lock in a beautiful 5.15lb female just bursting at the seems. Most were caught in 5’-15’, but I think what hurt us Sun is that some are truly trying to move up and we’re were fishing a bit deeper still. By the looks of how full of eggs some of them are below, you can see why. Over the week I would say I had just north of 50 keepers with 4 over 5lbs and 20 between 3-4lbs. My best 6 all week would have gone 28lbs-30lbs. 33 years fishing this lake and I have never seen it like this. Absolutely beautiful. All victims released unharmed. 










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I agree it was one of the better fishing weeks I have had in 38 years of visiting the rock in the spring.I brought a newbie to Table Rock and he said he now understands why I come back here every year.We were catching 30-50 fish every day and weighed in three limits in the Aunts Creek Buddy Tournament, fishing with an Ultrex with a broken cable after 11:00am the first morning. Two of the guys from our cabin caught  6-7, and  6-2 Largemouths.



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You didn’t by chance stay at Oak Hill did you? The guys next to us had their brand new $3k Minn Kota go out on them first trip out on Fri. I believe they are from Michigan. Incredible fisherman and I believe all of them limited out each round. Fun tournament with a bunch of great guys. Last May the fishing was almost as good and I thought I would never see anything like that again...then this trip happened. Every single fish caught was thick and healthy as can be. To all of the guys that are lucky enough to fish lake on the regular, thank you. These fish are that healthy because of how you protect this amazing fishery and because of that provided us with one hell of a trip. 

Thanks for the comments and I hope it continues to get better. 

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