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Quite the day

Morning was slow. Got much better when the sun got up, even better with boat traffic. Fishies like big wakes banging the bank. Not a surprise.

Caught fish consistently from 830-3pm. Quit reluctantly. Number of keepers...many. Main lake stuff, not necessarily points or run outs, close to the main river channel. Mostly 18'-25', with some out to 28' or so. Temps pretty much 84-85. Color our new normal cloudy mess.

Tubes, football jig, Ned. Fish seem to want an aggressive presentation, so deadly Nedly got a little less love. Hopping, darting, etc.

Lost a bunch of fish on tubes. Need to look at hook options. Best tube bite I've had in years. We've gone through two and a half 20ct bags in a week.

First thing we saw a lot of singles, but they weren't playing. Wake bait, spoon, nothing. The dragging fish are very much as Mr. Babler described. Quite a few are "catching" it. Too many were also pitching, lol. Jig fish were ridiculously touchy about trailer size.


Plus one very optimistic gog...IMG_20180613_113150466-2254x4007.jpg

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Truly delighted to see that you are fishing. I would have to think that with all you and your family have been through lately, it is extra sweet this time.  Hoping you have a wonderful trip.

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