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Saturday 8/18 Indian Point area

Patlock and I launched from moonshine ramp at 6am on Saturday. We’ve been reading the reports from everyone about catching fish deep but as we’ve said before, that is not one of our strengths. But let me confirm that all the reports are CORRECT! We stopped at a point outside of Indian Point and decided to keep the boat in deeper water. The electronics showed tons of baitfish and larger fish nearby. Patlock threw a Little Cleo into the school and caught the first ky. I tied on a Dixie Jet flutter spoon and joined in the fun. For the next 3hours we caught 14 fish with 7 of them being keepers. SM and KYs were in the mix. WT was 82. We want to thank everyone for their fishing reports and confirm the pattern regarding deep fishing with spoons on main lake points. The picture of my depth finder was taken from the wrong angle but I wanted to show what we were seeing. Also I’ve attached a picture of the first ky Patlock caught ( we didn’t know if we would catch others so we always take a picture of the first one caught) and a picture of a dandy SM I caught. Us old dogs learned something new and can’t thank you enough for the reports. 





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