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Shell Knob 3/22-3/23

Fished out of Shell Knob over the weekend with decent success.  Water temp varied from 46 to 51 both days.  I caught a total of 24 bass, and for the first time that I can remember no Largemouth.  I focused my attention on bluff ends transitioning to rock and gravel spawning areas.  My boat sat in 30-50 feet most of the weekend.  The lack of wind on Saturday forced my hand to a more finesse style of fishing.  I threw a 2.8 or 3.3 Keitch (Electric Shad or Pro Blue Red Pearl) on a 3/16 or 3/8 oz head.  I realize the jump in size, however, I felt it was necessary to follow the steeper contours in some of the locations I fished throughout the day.  I was throwing to the bank, counting down 10, and then slow rolling the bait back to the boat.  I would guess bite was 15-20 feet deep.   If I found one fish, there were typically multiple fish in one location.

I also fished the OA One Bass tournament on Saturday, and had a blast.  I caught a decent sized spotted bass (16.75 inches), but could not find an upgrade.  She is still swimming in Shell Knob.  Overall, I had probably 8-9 solid keepers and a 17 inch Smallie on Friday.  




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