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Shell Knob to Big Creek 5/4 - 5/5

Fished Shell Knob to Big Creek last weekend, lake was in much better shape than anticipated.

Had a lot of work to do around the house so was only able to get out a few hours each day and made the most of it.  Seems to be many ways to catch them but the swim bait on gravel was the most consistent.

Saturday - poked around with a wacky rigged senko and a spook, caught a few early but wasn't what i had expected.  with the clear water i went and idled a few gravel banks/flats outside of spawning pockets and there they were.  Caught them on a 1/4 oz head and 2.8 speed shad, color didnt seem to matter.  boat in 30-40 casting toward the bank, a few locations were just flat on!  Headed back out in the afternoon for a few hours and hit some more gravel with the same results.  Lots of big fat smallies and keeper sized spots. 

Sunday - was stuck fishing the Campbell point area due to the fog and had some great blow ups on a spook in the flooded bushes early, only connected with a handful.  Also picked up a few largemouth in the 17" range on a large swimbait shallow, saw several fresh beds and fish cruising shallow, eager to eat.  Loaded up and went to do chores, came back and fished from 11-1 on the gravel with the small swimmer, a little slower but they were still there and left them biting as it was time to head back home.  Hope this helps!



smallie 3.jpg




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I keep an eye on the video reports, as do most, and have fished the area from Big Creek to just passed Shell Knob the majority of my life.  Granted there were a lot of boats on the lake, i found it intriguing that the report posted by Mr. Prey showed the bank line with definitive docks and landmarks in the background, anyone with some history in the area could pinpoint them.  He also described exactly how a was catching them, similar to the pattern i found to work.  It was an absolute circus and merry go round on these 2 spots.  Comical at times with 5+ boats on a single stretch of bank. 

These guys are generous enough to tell us how to catch fish without paying a dime, Bill, and many people on this forum are a wealth of knowledge.  Give them some respect and make their report your own instead of hammering these few spots you can make out from pictures.

I'm sure this doesn't apply to many here but just an observation.

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4 minutes ago, dan hufferd said:

Nice rock bass or gogle eye whatever it is. Very neat !

Almost looks like a shadow bass but I don't think they are in the white river system.

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