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Trip today with John and Liv!

John caught a window to go fish today, and I'm glad I got to spend time with him and his daughter Liv again while they were here in MO.

We had been texting throughout the week and finally settled on the current River as our destination.

Me and the kiddo Departed the house around 430 this morning and hit down to Baptist around 7.  We walked down in front of the bathrooms and Kierstin caught a really pretty rainbow on her second or third cast.

Sadly for the rest of us that would be the first and last trout caught on this short morning trip...

We went up to Parker hollow and John showed me some great looking water.  Only thing I caught was the far bank, and rained down tackle and jigs like I was burning money lol.

Had some nice follows, and a few bumps.  Caught a shad and some other chub looking fish that John said would make Ham jealous lol...

We had a BBQ we had to get to today so we Departed around 1030 to get back home in time...

As always the girls had a blast together.  Liv was chasing micros and catching them by hand too!  Hopefully John can add his perspective too! 

Even though fish didn't cooperate, had a great time with great company!






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