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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Spring River fishing report

Water levels are running at 400cfs at the spring. And clarity has been clear. A few weeks ago the gage at the spring jumped up and it appears to be off. The river has gotten low lately with the lack of rain in our area. 
   The dam 3 access area has had a lot of algae in the channel by the parking lot. Not easy to fish in. During this time of year I prefer to fish at the campgrounds that have been holding better fish in my opinion. Many Islands, Spring River Oaks, Riverside Resort and Saddler Falls all have easy places to wade and are really nice places to fish thru the week. Saturdays are busy on the Spring River with the canoe hatch, but thru the week can be so nice and peaceful. A map of all locations to fish can be found on agfc.com under resources. A must have map!
   The trout and smallmouth have been hitting well, with olive woollies working best on overcast days. On the sunny hot days, gotta get down and work for the bite. Y2ks on hot sunny days can be very productive. Really good bug hatches some mornings, blue wing olives, tan and black caddis. Bead head nymphs below a hopper can be great fun.
  The pic is of a yellow sucker caught on a olive woolly bugger. Mr. Shelton had the pleasure of landing and releasing this beauty!
Tight lines and good luck,
Mark Crawford 

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