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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Spring River Report

    Water levels are running at 280 cfs, 350 avg, and water clarity has been clear. On the hot sunny days the trout are finding deeper pools of water to stay out of the heat. On the Spring always watch for the deep green pools for bigger trout to be hiding in. On overcast cool days the trout are feeding better. Hot flies lately have been Grandma’s Brownie, Guppies and the Idaho leech. With the first few cold days of fall the trout should start moving around more.
    For spin fishers out there Hot pink and white trout magnets are working great. Hot pink always seems to work on trout and smallmouth in the Spring River. Chartreuse is a good color for brown trout but I always go back to the hot pink. A little super glue on the hook before putting on the trout magnet body will keep it from sliding down. I usually prepare several the night before. For the local small creeks that hold nice smallmouth and bream, the hot pink trout magnet fished along the banks with a slow strip back works perfect. Cast across a fast pocket and let the magnet swing and watch them chase it down.

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