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June 25 & 27

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My son had to one up me and catch a 21 inch brown on a white and purple jerk bait.



He was so happy on catching his biggest brown and I was so happy seeing the smile and excitement on his face. We pulled into the resort and snapped a few pics before settling in for the evening. That night he was rewarded with a catch and release trophy pin from Phillis. The resort owner. Made his day that much better. Didn't fish on Friday because of the storms, just relaxed a little. Got back on the water really early on Saturday and immediately started catching fish. I threw a 1/16 ounce salmon pink and olive that I tie and my son couldn't put down the jerk bait. The bite was better than Thursday. It was one of my better mornings on the White. The bite never slowed down for me till about 2:00 when the water started rising. Water was once again a little trashy with 6 units on. We took a little break and got back out for the evening bite. Fished for about another hour. I threw a white 1/8 ounce jig. Didn't catch much, but I did land a 17 inch brown and a 20 inch rainbow.


We called it a day after that. We fished mainly between White Hole Resort and wild cat shoals both days. I don't really keep count on fish, but I will say the bite was really hot for us from the time we started fishing till about 2-3 in the afternoon. This was a great father son trip. And the fact the my son caught his first trophy made it that much better. And he also won't give ole dad a break. He's making sure everyone knows he caught the big fish. Saw these three on the way home. The other twin is behind momma.

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