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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

White River Trip, 8/9

Jeremy Hunt posted this on his Facebook Page.  he's given me permission to re post it here on OAF.

We all had a goal in mind.....put Lisa on the biggest brown of her fly fishing career. We meet up with my buddy John Holsten who has been night fishing the white with one of his friends named Trakker Young. They have been dialing in this mouse bite and we were able to link up and spend a night fishing together. It was all about Lisa on this trip so I took a back seat to watch the show, and boy did I get to do that. Within ten minutes Lisa hooked her first Brown which was the biggest of the night.

These two guides got this river dialed in for sure. If you want a big brown mousing these are the dudes you need to hire. There were a few things that had to line up to make this trip a success so I wouldn't wait too long because you never know how long it will last. Go like their facebook page and keep up with the latest info and news at straight outta cotter.

The next day it was about research fishing hoppers. I still didn't fish, I guided Lisa until 2pm and we fished from the dam down to Wildcat. Water was a little shallow to push the fish to the banks, but we still managed to hook a few. Fish are starting to look up so the hopper bite has started for the most part. Now we just need some flow along the bank with it being a little more consistent and it should be game on!! I have a few spots left if you want to get in on this action, but I'm sure they won't last long. See you on the river!!





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