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Tim McDougald
Tim McDougald

Day Trip to Maramec Springs


I had the day off today, so I made a quick day trip to Maramec Springs. I have only been there once, some 40+ years ago, when I was nine. I got there about 10:00 am and started flyfishing in the rain. I slowly worked my way downstream, eventually coming to a sign that said "Deep Water" and yeah it was deep. By that time some nice fog formed over the river - the picture above does not do the scene justice.  I spent about three hours flyfishing but, unfortunately, all I caught was a small bluegill. Even so I had a great time because "a bad day fishing..." I guess I need to use different flies next time.

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Stick with the fly gear. You will catch on. I personally find Maramec hard to fish because of the weeds but it can be fished. Try San Juan worms, Wooleybuggers and Crackle backs in size 14. They work but you have to stick with it.


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