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Gobble Gobble



I've been meaning to get up early one of these fine, chilly mornings and see if the gobbler's are sounding off, good news, I sat out on my back deck this a.m. and sure enough, gobble gobble! They were quite away off in the distance but it was still enough I could hear them distinctly. I've been seeing about forty or so earlier this spring and the last couple of weeks I've been seeing smaller bunches so I think they're splitting up and about ready to get it on. I went for a walk last night and did some shed hunting for an hour or two and saw lots of sign, scratching and so on, some scat where they have been roosting at night, so I'm getting pumped up. I've also been seeing more birds on my drive to work in the mornings. I made a few casts in the pond yesterday evening and caught a couple of bass, crappie haven't been biting so good around here yet, don't know why, maybe its been to cold yet? I'm going to hit it this weekend hard and try and get some for dinner, may float the river as well, we'll see. If it drys up long enough I'm going to put in some food plots as well, I'm all set up now, just bought a new old tractor at auction last week, a 79' AC 7000, 100 hp, diesel, cab, heat, air, good tires, one owner, well maintained for $6K, a steal! Good for me! Well, thats it for now, I'll write more when I have more to write about, cheers.


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