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What A Way To End A Fishing Trip



It's funny how even you think you couldn't possibly deal with anymore crap something comes along and throws fifty pounds of it on your shoulders. I totaled my beloved truck yesterday because apparently I'm a wreck-less, irresponsible and selfish child. No one has told me this, it's just my own feelings on the whole mess. This is the story as detailed as I can remeber at this time.

I was going fishing like I do every Sunday. It has become my way to detox from the modern world and allows me to keep my sanity in an insane culture. With all the recent rain I knew there were only a handful of small streams that I would be able to fish, Bull or Beaver Creek were pretty much my only options. I could've gone to Table Rock and fished Aunts Creek from my kayak, but the fishing on Table Rock has been tough as of late and I really wanted to fish a stream, I always prefer stream fishing anyway. Well i decided to go to Beaver Creek because I had just recently discovered some really good accesses and I wanted to explore them a bit more. Plus those fish on Bull have been hassled enough by me in the last couple of months. I woke up later than I usually do on Sunday, around 7:00. But the last couple weeks of school have been hell and I have been sacrificing sleep for my gpa so I needed the two extra hours of sleep. I got up made some eggs gathered my things and was out the door by 8:00. I was in a rush the whole way down there which is why I probably ended up wrecking my truck. Anyway, i was headed down 125, which is one of most treacherous highways in southern Missouri, I was just south of Chadwick rounding a curve when I lost control and slid off an embankment. Flipped my truck over and it landed on the cab with me dangling from my seat belt. I had to crawl out of the passenger side window and climb up the 15" embankment where I was fortunate enough to find someone was driving by and was willing to help. I didn't have phone service out there so I would have been completely screwed if there wasn't someone there to help. Thank you annomuos stranger, with out you the whole thing would have been a lot worse than it really was.

The lesson I learned from this is don't be in a rush to get some place because if you are in a hurry you might not make it there at all. So now I have to deal with insurance companies and banks and car salesmen. I really wish I had just decided to sleep all day, oh well, this can't keep me down.


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