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Fished Roaring River Today



Fished R.R. today started up by the conservation parking lot just outside the park, nobody around and it is a beautiful

day. I got geared up, took a new bamboo fly rod to play with, and walked down the path, near the cabin at the mouth of

Off Davis holler.

Right at the mouth of Off Davis, I saw a trout right away, nothing big, holding in a eddy, one cast, green bugger and I landed him

very quickly, not big but very pretty fish.

I started to cross over and go on downstream, when I saw a flash, up in Off Davis, usually a shiner or two up there, as it only holds

water during rainy periods, well I got to looking and sure enough there is a nice little 13" rainbow holding just behind a log, I notice

it is going to be a fast drift, so I put on a tungsten headed hares ear(flashback) and cast just a bit above the fish, held the rod up

high, let the nymph swim over the log, and let it drop right in front of the trou, again, fish on and this one fought a bit better, did

I mention the little rod I'm throwing is only 5' in length, neat little Orvis Mighty Mite I picked up last year, it throws a DT-5 very


Well I start looking around and see another fish up above me about 20 yrds, well this turned out to be a sucker, but just above him

there was another 13" rainbow, these fish were moving up stream, I was now just below the bridge that crosses the stream(Hwy F bridge)

I caught this fish on the same hares ear, and it was another pretty fish, well I just thought I would see if there were more up the little creek.

I had years ago found trout up this stream maybe 2 miles above R.R.

I kept walking and kept finding a trout here and there, one small pool had three rainbows, and I caught two of them, all about the same size

and all on my #14 flashback tungsten hares ear, I was having fun now, the creek was getting smaller and more shallow, but I knew just up

the way there was one small pool that if it was full would have 4' of water in it right now, I was sneaking up on this pool when a doe blew up

beside me scaring the crap out of me, she ran off a bit, gave me a good side veiw, blew again and she was out of there, she will make a nice

doe for some lucky hunter in couple of weeks.

I found the pool, and it had 2 trout in it, one rainbow and one brown, both were holding at the head of the pool, where it narrowed up.

Same thing, cast in, the rainbow hit, short fight and another pretty 12" rainbow, the brown, was acting spooky, so I set on a rock and

had myself a hot tea, I had brought my travel mug full of hot tea with me, I sat for about 15 minutes the brown went back to holding beside

the rainbow, so I snuck in, made a decent cast above the trout, the fly drifted in and I caught the brown, now I would like to say it was huge

but it was only about 12" long, very pretty.

That was a good day, and the fact that there were no other people around made it very nice.

I got back to the mouth of Off Davis holler and went ahead and crossed, made it to the first pool, caught two more 12-13" rainbows, decided to call

it a day and head back to the shop.

Sometimes it pays to walk off the beaten track, you never know what kind of little jewels are out there waiting to be found.


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Hey Mr. Tim! Just had a chance to read your story here, pretty neat day sounds like. That was my birthday and I'm glad to have heard a good trout fishing story took place on it. Looking forward to spending more time up there after my change in employment. Anywho, hope all is well in your world and we'll see you soon.

Jay Parker

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I watched your Jan. 9th video. Looks like the Zebra Midge did very well. Do they work year round or just during the winter season?

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