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Just got done fishing below the park at Roaring River, the fishing was very good today, not a soul in sight

and lots of cooperative trout, even caught a big ole sucker, he was almost 25" and weighed I'll guess around

6lbs, caught him on a pheasant tail nymph.

The river is in great shape, I started at the cemetery (muncy) and went upstream from there, right at the

bridge, I landed 4 rainbows, I moved up above there to a small run nice hole, just not real big, thru a

possum bug in there on a #10 hook, and a nice little 18" brown came up and slurped it right in, I guess

the brown thought it was a sculpin dislodged from the hole above, it was very surprised, when I tightened the

the line, small hole so it really didn't have a lot of room to fight, and I landed it pretty quick, but it was

still pissed when it took off, covered me with water, moved up a few hundred yards there is a nice hole there just at the

cemetery and it always holds a nice trout or two, well today it held 4 nice rainbows, I only landed 2 of them but

had four nice hookups, moved to the riffle right above that hole, caught a nice 8" rainbow that sure looked

stream bred, very nice color, I caught most of my fish on dk. olive mohair leeches, and a few on lt. roe glo-balls

tied on 80th ounce jig heads.

The next hole is quite a walk so I took off upstream, made it a few hundred yards and seen some movement ahead of me

so I slowed down and saw a real nice 20" + brown holding in about 24" of water, I took the glo-ball off, and put a

possum bug back on, and got out, worked my way upstream of the brown and cast 20 feet ahead of the brown and let the

possum drift naturally down on the brown, I saw the fish move over, and he took the fly very quickly, I set, and

the fight was strong, but didn't last long, the fly pulled out, but it was nice to hook that fish, it was in the 5lb range.

Oh well moved up a bit further and started fishing just below the hill, and saw a few fish in the bend of the river,

so back on goes the glo-ball, I could see they were rainbows, I landed 4 more rainbows there, and hooked a few that

got off, but it was a nice morning all the same. I quit there and headed back down to the car, only fished a few hrs

but the fishing was good, and nobody around, it was very peaceful, nice day to be out, even got snowed on a bit.

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I was telling dad about you luck below the park today. Santa brought him a new canoe this year and he wants to take it below the park and fish. What do you think?

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