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Here I Go Again.....



I truly love this site! Really! My wife is a facebook fanatic and along with about everyone else in my little world has been trying to get me to sign up for that crazy stuff just about everyday. The more I think about it though, I really don't have anything to share that any of those folks really give a hoot about! I'd just as soon sit here tonight in Stillwater, OK and write this theraputic blog about finding out just how much I love bass fishing again. I'm an addict again..... For a while when I lived in SE Oklahoma, I lived on a pond bank. Everyday after school I'd gather up my stuff and find the nearest hole of water and fish it till there wasn't a still spot of water left on it! Then.... I got married and moved back to NE Oklahoma and went a while without even thinking about picking up a rod and reel(unless it was in Cassville, MO). Just by accident one day, I was standing at my brothers house and asked him if he had an extra pole I could borrow for a while just in case I wanted to go. 6 rods later, and enough tackle to fish the BASS tour, I found myself trying to find ways out of work, and on some water fishing. Since then, I have fished at least 4 times a week, and my wife, who is due with our first child in November, is just about ready to whip my brother for giving me those rods! Anywho, it just seems amazing to me how much I missed being ANYWHERE fishing. If I had my choice, I'd certainly be at Roaring River, but between trips, I'll fish anywhere I can.


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