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Flexible, Diligent

Phil Lilley


Words of the Day . . . Well more like words of the week for us.

Our plans are changing each day it seems the last week. Bill has packed 6 containers full of fishing and camping gear. Our plan is to mail up 4 and take the other 2 on the plane with us. We trade emails about ten times a day--I'll share the last one from Bill on shipping vs check-ons:

Here is an even better way to do it. Send up both of the Cabelas bags, the Rubbermaid Packer and the lighest of the Plano totes. Also weigh the heavest two if you can so we will know their exact weight each, not to exceed 50 pounds. Here is my reasoning. The 3rd. bag for one of us on our flight to Anchorage will be $50. It would then cost for that bag another $20 to get it on to Kotz. Total for the tote would be $70 and we would have to "Tote It." I am guessing it will be under that figure to send it or right around there and we wont have to mess with it. That will take us down to our carry-on's and two checkins each. Check-on luggage cost would then drop to a total of $122.00.

It's tricky but Bill is great at figuring the best and cheapest way to get this stuff up there and back.

I've been trying to find the best video camera to take up and for my usage down here and I think I've settled on a new Canon camera but it won't be out till September. So we're taking what we have - a GoPro, a Flip and my MiniDV video camera as well as buying a new Optio 90 for stills. There's a new panoramic camera out I'm going to look at too. Brian Wise has inspired me to learn how and shoot a bunch on my GoPro. I've order extra batteries.

More to follow. . . we're still not sure where we're going our second week. King Salmon or Kodiak. We'll make our decision today.


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