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From: More Whites



what does a person do to make white bass edible ? I have tried to eat them and found them to taste pretty bad.. I've tried to cut the dark part off which I found to be a pain.. some people say put mustard on them and then they are tolerable. tried that too and they still take " not so good". I just through them back but I love the they fight..any help would be appreciated.. thanks

Source: wrap with bacon grill until bacon is crisp, eat bacon and throw fish away.


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There are two reasons most people don't enjoy white bass. One is that they are oily, and the second is that they die quickly in a livewell. Commercial fishermen put their catch on ice immediately for a reason. The oils in fish spoil very quickly and give it that "fishy" taste. Placing your whites directly into ice is a must. Pouring in some water and salt will get them colder even more quickly. Fillet, and enjoy. When cared for properly, I find them to be an extremely tasty fish. With this process, I don't even find it necessary to remove the red meat. Also, if you freeze, cover fillets with water before freezing.

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I also put them on ice if I keep them, also if you will soak in buttermilk overnight that really really helps.

Basically though, why go to any special trouble if there are so many fish in the lakes that don't need anything special. Learn to catch crappie or walleye or both and you won't ever eat another sand bass, ooops white bass.

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