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  2. The President is a great reel at that price. I've gone to braid/floro leader too, better casting distance with braid, and a lot less line snarls. And as Pete mentions, if you want to try another line size, you can swap out the leader rather than re-spool.
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I pulled the trigger on the pfluegar president as the reviews are so strong everywhere. I highly considered the Lew’s speed as well, but reviews not as good and a lot complain about the bail sticking. We have 2 houses at wildcat, and get done about once a month. I’ll post a review and report next time!
  4. Hope it continues the price point of warts too
  5. I bought a Lews speed reel just recently and like it so far. I owned a Okuma as well and I still like that one. I have 4# P-line CX Premium spooled on my reels for trout. Never really had any problems with the reels or line for that matter.
  6. 11-13 feet is a great depth, hope it continues to have the action
  7. You just can't see their trolling motors at that distance Rick. Everyone is going to spot lock. You know that little anchor icon on that control deal the captain wears around his neck. When he is happy he just pushes that button!
  8. You ever answer all those family health questions? Did anyone in your family have “fill in the blank”. My dad had everything when he finally died at 83 years old. He had it all in the last Couple years not his whole life. You should see the surprise on nurses face when I went for my torn bicep. What? You don’t take any medication and your 60 years old!!??
  9. My wife is an RN in Joplin and she has already seen people who DID get their vaccine still come down with it. Heck, my son just tested positive for the virus on Tuesday and he has had both his shots. He felt sick in a different way for three days. Head was pounding, chills, and he said the worse was the muscle cramps all over his body. Went to bed Wednesday night and woke up the next day without hardly any of the symptoms. So yes, you can still get the darn thing! But I also have to wonder how sick he would have been had he not got the vaccine. Will never know. At her age I'm surprised she did
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  11. I have a couple of the 1000 and a 2000. The 1000 is an ultralight and the 2000 is probably better for all around fishing.
  12. Talked to a friend at Rapala to see what he would say--it's too early before ICAST to 'announce' anythng-- and he said that they "just might" have a new deep Wart coming out. However, he expects it to dive to 11-13 feet on the cast and 20 feet trolling. He said it an awesome bait that has been a couple of years in development-- if, of course, it exists.
  13. Just curious how everyone's doing at the lake. Have been so swamped with work, haven't "made" time to get on the lake.
  14. They use clay tile to line the inside of fireplaces. Any kind of concrete block should have at least as much integrity as that brittle crap does.
  15. Whaddya mean "ALREADY" ? Jesus Christ she's 86, not 32 !
  16. St.Croix does too. They have some mad rod building skills. They've just decided to stop exercising them for some reason I can't understand.
  17. I have been wanting to hit taney with the meat from a boat for years now. This would be highly entertaining . . . alao getting shown up by tyler again would be fun as well!
  18. I agree all those baits that advertise how deep they get just doesn't add up to me unless your trolling it behind the boat. I have had good luck the the Lucy Strike RC Freak. It gets down well, but not 20 unless its being trolled. I ordered some Berkeley Dredger 25's the other day, ill report back next week on them
  19. She is 86 and already has Lung Problems. oneshot
  20. Nope but me and my wife was now my wife is quarantined. oneshot
  21. You’re a better man than me.
  22. Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-Law. I hope she beats the virus.
  23. Big Keene


    Trolled Hartley with bandit 300s for about an hr and a half this evening and caught 5 short crappie, a big bluegill, and a keeper walleye. Surface temp was 88 on my fish graph
  24. I’ve got a Metal Fire Pit. Wouldn’t one made with decorative Block work just as good or would they get hot and bust? oneshot
  25. Just put my Mother in Law in the Hospital with COVID. They told my wife she could still get it even though she had the Vaccine and COVID. They told her not to worry about me because I live at my end of the house and she lives at her end. Already had a woman asked if she needed to come take care of me? My wife told her I was a Big Boy can take care of myself . oneshot
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