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  1. Just tried again. I’m probably doing something wrong.
  2. Says I can’t join due to cutoff date. Cutoff date is tomorrow.
  3. Those boys wacked em today. They think it will be better tomorrow. Crazy.
  4. Can someone tell me if Jigs4Bass is not making jigs anymore? I ordered jigs from them a lot. Hopefully it’s temporary. If not I’ve gotta find someone else to make those brown/orange jigs. They were fish catching machines. TIA.
  5. I love their jigs. The ones with the orange under the head and the skirt are deadly in early spring.
  6. I figured A-rig had a big hand in LOZ. I have a buddy fishing in that tournament and he’s had no luck on A-rig. Blaukat had a great video about it yesterday. He said he was first boat out. Broke ice for 20 miles running 50 plus mph. All the other boats fell in line behind him.
  7. Bill? How will this cold rain affect the bite? Would it discourage you from going back to same areas ?
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