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  1. Did I hear vertical spooning! Count me in!!!
  2. Interesting, as I saw them throw small bass into their boat! Maybe tagging them as well!
  3. They were definitely shocking as they has the devices hanging from the front of both boats. They were moving fast and on a mission! They didn't appear to want to be bothered! ALL BUSINESS!!
  4. My wife and I had the opportunity to follow the DNR sampling boats around Buzzard today. They covered the entire cove in 40 minutes. They only netted 3 small bass. The question is, have all the bigger bass moved out to the main lake?
  5. The lasting effects of hurricane Vernon!
  6. How about just sending Kathy! We don't really need more rain!
  7. Starting to clear up, but stay away from Cape Fair Marina! Lots of logs and debris!
  8. Welcome to the NEW Table Rock!
  9. You might want to sleep in tomorrow! Better days ahead I hope!
  10. Even tho it comes from Vietnam, it is awesome!
  11. 2.5 inches of snow and they are calling for 27 tonight and you are not even here yet!
  12. Are you still fishing that jerbait? I thought they would quit eating that by now! I actually caught some small topwater fish off the dock in the rain yesterday.
  13. Very nice! That fish would get you a nice check in the big bass derby!
  14. I'm thinking you snuck down and started to show your power! Oh well maybe I'll learn to flip this year! i'm
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