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    Started fishing Table Rock Lake 61 years ago. I love it more now than I did then.

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  1. No..... I don't know why I always catch the biggest ones...... I just do...
  2. This time I called my buddy Andy and he met me at the Masters ramp at 2pm. Fished the clear water with bottom bouncers in 7-15 feet and caught lots of bass. And a few walleye.... Had a ball...
  3. It has been quite some time since I went fishing by myself but it had just been too long and I had to go..... Put in at Cedar Ridge a little after noon and ran toward Highpoint..... It was cold and blustery and rained all day. Probably never got to 50* all day. In spite of that I caught a little bit of everything and had a ball.....
  4. Wow guys..... beautiful fish...
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