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  1. 97) White Perch , Super Happy to get this guy. He completed the Morone family for me. I ended up catching a couple more.
  2. 96) Pumpkinseed, not present on picture day. I got a little pumpkinseed that we both agreed was my guy. While getting the camera out, he finned me and got back into the water sans pic.
  3. Here's my first one that has better Alice Cooper make up
  4. 95) BlueSpotted Sunfish John mention catching these on a certain apot. The Tide was High and we had a chance. John's skill set showed itself again and he got the first one. He forced me to fish the correct spot and I caught a couple.
  5. 94) Eastern Mosquitofish , omnipresent. And yet I started to press. It's silly how I live and die on every hookset. I lifted 5 before I got one in hand. I caught several.
  6. 93) Banded Killifish , This is one that John was really counting on me catching. I made it more difficult than expected, but I got it done.
  7. 92) Redbreast Sunfish my first one was tiny and then a little bigger and then larger and larger still. I was stoked about the first one, but I was shaking them off trying for a pumpkinseed right before the morning session ended. such is the Push for 100
  8. I don't catch many that size anywhere on the river. the new regs were really helping pre-Covid ; maybe we'll get back there again
  9. That's a Toad! Really, really nice fish on a fly rod
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