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  1. Congrats to @Johnsfolly for reaching Sid level. I'm hoping he can cross the Century mark by the end of the Summer.
  2. I think I have done both. It's fine to have a little mono underneath ; I'd probably tie a uni to uni there since it won't be in play much. I have not learned to FG. I'm doing Alberto or three loop surgeons knot to attach leader
  3. My halibut didn't tasty fishy, walleye have a great texture but not a fishy taste. Mahi mahi is just the best.
  4. A definite maybe. Their colors were so vibrant that I got my hopes up. My memory was fuzzy on the target darter fin colors, I knew they had been caught in that creek. In my ignorance, I never dreamed Rainbow Darters would be there in such abundance
  5. Lol, John's aiming for 500. 300 seems a long way off for me
  6. Not pictured are the Long Eared Sunfish and Green Sunfish. Just because. They absolutely get in the way and wreck your bait.
  7. My little ray of light a drab female Southern Red Bellied Dace
  8. These guys were turds too. There were multiple minnows I wanted to try to catch. You can't because these hyper aggressive jerks knock the other fish out of the way Bleeding Shiner
  9. To borrow a line from Forrest Gump, "I'm Not a Smart Man". I always have multiple options for a fishing trip. Today I chose to drive about 7 hours to fish for 3 1/2 hours. I was trying for a Lifer and maybe a species or two for "The Push". The Good was that I caught fish right away. I was turning down opportunities trying to get that Lifer. The Bad, I did not get the Lifer. I tried. I tried hard. It was Hot. I stayed with it, but it just did not happen. Yet. It will. the Ugly, way too much driving and not near enough actual fishing. If you haven't micro fished you probably thin
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