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  1. He's up to the challenge ! I might be. Full Disclosure : John caught the first one and then "suggested" I try there too
  2. 90) Fallfish : not the size I was hoping for, but a Fallfish none the less.
  3. Hanging with John ; he's got me in a position to succeed. I got another of my 40 in 40. Blue Spotted Sunfish! Lifer!
  4. 89) Steelcolored Shiner ; two pictures of the same fish. I've had a lot more frustration than success on my recent trips and honestly have not been up for much fishing since Luna got injured. This was the target species for the day, but I had hoped to add a new darter as well. I had my chances at a new darter. Lots and lots of fish that I presented the right size baits right at their little tiny nose. They were not having it. I could see them feeding on stuff, but what they were eating was too small for me to see. it was my intention to be over 90 species and I was hoping to be at 95 species before I headed north, but I am where I am.
  5. My Dad had a 6 foot Premier in Light that was really nice. I bought that rod in the 7 foot model because I like the extra length and it was not (IMO ) a good jig rod. Totally different feel. I tried one of their Panfish series and was very disappointed. Scared to try another
  6. Man, I really appreciate you doing that! I'm sneaking a few fishing outings in a trip with my wife and I can't do a week of daylight until dark trips like I would want to do. I've been stuck at 88 species for a while now and I'm still stressing about my dog. Your trips give me renewed hope for lifers and a chance to cross the line inside of September. I'm really looking forward to fishing with a John again. Tick, tick, tick.
  7. If you chose to, you can set 200 as a goal next year. I think there is still time this year, but you're the pro.
  8. Even the most uncouth would have washed their hands a few times in the week it took to get photo prints back
  9. You mean like after alone time with the pictures or what?
  10. I have plans to do so, but I have not as of yet
  11. I subscribe to the Only Fans Acct so I see ALL the pictures
  12. It should. Much tighter river. More wood in play. More Big boulders and drops that can ruin your day in a Hurry. I am not relaxed at all in 5K water on Norfork.
  13. Norfork is sketchy all the time. yes, they were running 5K if I remember correctly
  14. If you are interested or want more information , Please reach via a PM or text Eight seven zero - 736 - 313o. Thanks!
  15. Bella loves to chase, but typically doesn't attack once she catches up. She didn't hassle to possum very much. she ran a squirrel down, but let it up so she could chase it again. if our cats run, she is a happy to chase them, but never tries to hurt them
  16. Guys, I'm in a terrible spot. My dog Bella injuries my wife's dog pretty badly. The little dog is always starting stuff and when the larger dog finally responds, it isn't good. I'm heartbroken to have to say Goodbye, but determined to do right by her. The only reason I am moving this dog is because of conflict with my wife's small dog. I Love this dog, but I have to find her another place to live. I'd like to find her a place that gives her the best chance to reestablish a Good life and minimizes the chance of problems. She will take a little bit to warm up to new people, but she is as sweet as can be once you gain her trust. She is a sweet dog, but it hasn't worked out with her being around a smaller female dog. We have two small male dogs that she is bonded with and plays gently with both of them. She is fine around cats. She is a Mountain Curr/Lab/ Husky mix. About 50 lbs. fit as a fiddle. No health issues at all. Zero fat on her. Fixed and current on vaccinations. She will be three this October. She has calmed down a bunch from her puppy years. I would expect that to continue. She is a natural squirrel dog. Good nose. Good memory. Follows some hand signals for direction, but would need more work. Good sense of direction. She can be trusted to romp in the woods and come back to you with or without calling to her. She is protective of the yard and Leary of strangers in our yard. This is a mountain Curr Breed trait. She is more accepting of women than men. She is friendly to all on walks or at the vet. She loves walks, playing ball, and going swimming. She will play hard and then sleep hard. I hope someone here will consider giving her a chance. I'm willing to drive basically anywhere to let you meet her. She will come leash, harness, coat, toys, a new bag of food. If there is a concern about financial considerations, I'm willing to talk about offsetting those costs.
  17. It does seem to be an invasion of privacy to fly your drone around in neighbors yards regardless if it is spy on them while sun bathing or changing clothes. I have seen some great fishing video where the drone is one of three cameras filming the action. It adds an interesting perspective to strikes and fighting the fish in.
  18. That's certainly possible. The "Magic Number" for hypothermia that I have read about is water temp + air temp < 100. Hypothermia will set in rapidly under those conditions. water temp was likely > 50 degrees and air temp was > 90. He should have had a little while to sort things out, but obviously I wasn't there and do not know any of the details.
  19. Glad He's ok. I was worried that he had passed on.
  20. If you are a proficient caster, It's pretty unusual to lose a Topwater. That $20 Topwater could last a lifetime.
  21. I'm pretty comfortable with the White River at high levels of generation, but I don't drink alcohol and I know to not get pinned against a tree or dock. inexperienced or inebriated paddlers should stick to lower flows.
  22. I have no idea what is legal, but it would feel like Blood money to me if people died after I put them on the river when is was sketchy
  23. Wow! Good on you for helping. Not That Dad's best day of parenting ; I would have been worried about her getting hypothermic as well.
  24. Canoe Liveries having been dumping the ignorant into boats and putting them in harms way for decades. people literally have NO IDEA what they are doing or what the risks are. These same people then often throw gas on that potential fire by intoxicating themselves with drugs or alcohol. I am honestly surprised that I haven't seen a "have you or a loved one been killed or injured in a rental canoe or kayak" legal cattle calls.
  25. 10 years ago it was rare to see a kayak on the White River ; these days they are almost as common as dead armadillo on the side of the road.
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