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  1. Google Free Beer for vaccine and find location closest to you. Done and done.
  2. Yep, I am certain there will be deep hookset. We don't like to eat trout but if they are deep we will keep and give to a friend who will eat them.
  3. I considered worms for RR but real worms aren't allowed in zone 1 where I assume they will be allocated space. I guess maybe power worm or synthetic eggs are my best choice and I've never fished either myself. Do I just rig them the same way? The BV deal sounds fun if I knew she would actually fish more than 15 minutes which is what I expect this deal to last before we have to go pee, throw rocks, and go get snacks.
  4. Kids fishing day is this coming weekend. My daughter is 3 and this year we're gonna start fishing. Ideally I would prefer to bobber fish with worms for perch but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Looks like trout fishing is going to be first on the list for simplicity(close to house and bank fishing). For trout all I've ever done is fly fish, jig fish, and jerk bait. All 3 methods I don't feel super comfortable with a 3 year old trying. What is the best rig for fishing eager trout on kids fishing day? I'm thinking something under a bobber since it keeps her focused "watching". I'm
  5. I mean isn't there a whole host of vaccines required yet people get around them every year? Honestly in this whole deal the bigger concern I have is with the manufacturing. Most if not all of the big players use contract mfg. to make the vaccines. I vaguely recall a piece several months ago highlighting poor FDA ratings and safety concerns. We've already seen mistakes with the JJ vaccine and 15m doses trashed. I've worked in manufacturing my entire career and I've seen plenty of deviations and work arounds when your under the gun even with safety critical items. I don't know,
  6. Its VICE so...uhhhh yah but you can do more digging to find how relevant the VAERS data is to the claims established....many many many reports out there with relevance. https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjpmp7/anti-vaxxers-misuse-federal-data-to-falsely-claim-covid-vaccines-are-dangerous Highlight is dude reported he became Hulk from the flu vaccine in 2004. CDC asked permission to remove and he granted but didn't have too. Nonetheless his report was a part of the data set until reviewed appropriately. If anyone can submit something that silly imagine how many non-true anti vaxer
  7. Beaver has been running water over the spill way for a couple weeks now and I manage to get down every couple days and do some snagging. Right now 7500+ CFS. Today was the first time I've had any luck. I managed to snag one good fish that came off before I could get it in. Not sure if it was a spoonie but it did have some pull. Additionally I fished for 2 hours and can literally can count on one hand the number of times I reeled in with a bare hook. Almost every single cast I had 3 or 4 shad on my hooks. None are floating but it didn't matter where I cast out in current, slack wate
  8. I just went over at Eagle Rock this afternoon. Water is no longer mud. Its a green/brown strange tint. You can actually see quiet a bit of mixing of colors in spots just looking. I did not see any large floating mats of debris that wasn't up against the bank but lots of leaf litter and small stuff floating around.
  9. Water at ER is mud and Monday night there was huge trash mats coming down lake from Arkansas.
  10. I had already seen this and no surprise Tucker latched onto it. ANY and EVERY death/reaction after a vaccine is reported into the VAERS data set. The data set is then reviewed to determine if the vaccine was the cause, was the likely cause, and or was not related for every case. Purely based on the fact that the vaccine is new this review activity is likely going to take much longer than is does for measles, flu, and other vaccines. Much more checking, double checking, triple checking. Is the data correc?t(who knows but likely not at this point without more revie
  11. When looking at them side by side I see the difference for sure. Since their always a by catch I've always grouped them together. Thanks for the information. Either way 10" is a dandy.
  12. What is the difference between a warmouth and goggle eye and/or a rock bass?
  13. Back when I hired I use to tell guys.....What you do on your time is your business, provided it doesn't effect your work. I'm interested in hiring you but the second I offer you a job officially you have 24 hours to pass a urine test. If there is any reason you suspect you wont pass....lets hold off 15-20 days stop back by and I'll make it official then. 50% of the time they would say their good and still fail which then eliminated them for 60 days.
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