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  1. The fly rod deal kind of blew my mind. Looks like they were basically fishing straight vertical of course that could have just been the way it was portrayed.
  2. Awesome film work and such a cool fish. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Didn't RR get rid of their pool too?
  4. I'm sure the Taney fish are spill overs from TR, think about all the times the gates have been open the last 5 years. Now its like 920+ and you get spillway. Happening much more often than historically(think about all the smallies, whites, shad, ect) TR always has had a sizeable population. Beaver has a good population too but the striper really fills the "other" fish niche over there. I think the bulk of increase can be attributed to social media. Guides have a real benefit to post on facebook. Historically the Walleye thing has been fairly secretive. You may tell people you caught them but your not gonna tell where.....even if they know where you fish. As long as I have been alive there have been guides up the white on TR fishing for walleye. These guides operated by word of mouth and weren't blasting on social media and still aren't. Now with the slide of my thumb I can see guides posting to multiple facebook groups with pictures of baits and locations clearly in their photos. The unfortunate part of all this is when people are paying 2-400 bucks for a trip they are keeping every fish over 18". Walleye just don't have the stigma of CnR that Bass do.
  5. Pretty cool....I tried and tried and tried to confuse it by dropping on 2 ocean pass in Wyoming. Best I can tell it just goes ahead and jumps it one direction or the other.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that the guy trying to grow the bass in TX is the owner of Tecomate Seed. In a sense he has spent his life "growing deer" so just moved onto bass.
  7. those guys crack me up....last September I ran into one of those guys right after that big brown that was caught on fly rod and posted and ultimately died. whomever he was informed me that we shouldn't be targeting big fish "that time of year" and ultimately playing them out and killing them. We had spinning rods with 6lb test and jerkbaits and here he is flippin a fly rod......morons.
  8. Except it wasn't.....they did it again this year.....and my assumption is they will do it into perpetuity. 9,000+ this year so they made $90k instead of $190k.
  9. I don't know about the bear deal....didn't put in for it but I did the elk. Thought it would be cool to be the first group to kill elk. That being said the fee is what rubbed me the wrong way. Its only open to in-state hunters and has no bearings on later "Draws" other than if you're picked you can't win again right away. I pay my fair share of taxes along the way and still buy deer tags even though I qualify for landowner and often don't kill a deer. I believe in funding the department even if I don't agree with every expenditure they make. That being said.....19,000+ signed up for the first elk hunt @ $10 that is $190K for nothing. I hope it pays 2 or 3 MDC wages but I bet it ultimately doesn't. Personally I think the fee for the tag after the fact is a joke for 5 total elk killed. It wasn't/isn't about the $10 most of us easily blow that in day on stuff we want; its the premise for me. Honestly if I got a preference point(even though it wouldn't really increase my statistical odds) or a hat or a pin or something tangible I'd be more forgiving. It doesn't at all change how I feel about daily fees, tag costs, ect about the normal options residents get. I am thankful that MDC is funded top 5 in the country in funding and the state takes reasonable care of its residents. I would personally like to see lifetime tags come down in price and the out of state tags go up but everyone can find something to complain about.
  10. And how is that any different than cancer, heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, boating accidents, bee stings, snake bites, or anything else that might kill you.
  11. Yep unless you get a preference point or something similar.
  12. Their paying on COVID? So if I catch it I get another stimi check? How does this payment system work?
  13. My wifes office is paying out insurance policies on COVID deaths.
  14. I don't think this is a chicken swap issue.....sounds more fitting to a horse auction.
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