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  1. I owned a stick steer boat and it has a lot of advantages: No space is taken up with the console and seats only used for traveling. Better visibility sitting up front. When you want to fish just stand up and put the trolling motor in the water and sit back down. And I think it is easier to pull a fish out of the water.
  2. You took two women back to the hotel and your wife did not mind?!
  3. I will pop in here. The 1979 Chrysler boat at Table Rock Lake: The outboard I overhauled for the Ouachita that now functions as a spare: And the cedar strip canoe:
  4. I just learned that for the 4,296,767th time last night.
  5. I enjoyed this. It is odd how a vacation is a combination of amazing things done by happenstance and disappointments because of lack of planning. It looks like you had quite a few of the former.
  6. That is impressive. That is all a guy needs to get out and fish. I built my Rob Roy cedar stripper in my living room. I am so happy I did not build it in the basement only to learn that I could not get it out.
  7. There was a time when Alton Lake was full of Spatterdock and top water bass fishing was a hoot. After they built the new dam it became a sterile wasteland.
  8. The name of the new Secretary of State is Blinken -- Antony Blinken. Now if you abbreviate the first letter it is A. Blinken. Now say that out loud.
  9. Or ashes from the wood stove -- unless you use pallets as kindling.
  10. Sled dog trip to the boundary waters north of Ely, MN:
  11. GotMuddy, it is believed that the HIGH risk people are being infected by LOW risk people who are not taking proper precautions. But I am honored to be a legend.
  12. OK. This virus will not live outside of humans. If we all stop spreading this thing to each other it will die out. Other countries have been successful in this. We just can’t seem to do what we need to do. And for achieving the “herd immunity threshold”: How many deaths are acceptable? If we achieve 100% infection rate that will mean 5.6 million deaths. The average death rate per day has exceeded the 9/11 death count since January 8th. If Al Qaeda were to bomb skyscrapers every day we would not be hoping they run out of buildings to bomb.
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