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  1. Yes the bass seem to be a little less picky! I'm hoping to get out Saturday morning, thinking about trying Castor this time. I just hope the water levels and clarity will be back to normal by then. Have you done any fishing in Joachim creek around the Desoto area?
  2. Thanks JB I'll check into this. You have been a huge help. I've always been a lake fishermen for the most part and learning how to fish these rivers has really been a challenge for me. Any help always appreciated. One other question that pertains to wade fishing. I would assume that the more successful direction to wade would be going upstream correct? Don't the fish typically face upstream to catch things coming down river? I also figured they would see less of the debris being kicked up by my feet. I ask this because it is much easier to fly cast going down stream when the current is
  3. Thanks again for the the info last week. Do you know a good website to check water levels?
  4. Well I ended up running down to Kingston access Saturday morning. I found it easy enough and got there about 5:50AM. Pulling into the parking lot there were two old boys that said they fished all night long and didn't catch anything, said the water rose close to 2 feet overnight and it was super murky. Well this was discouraging information. I headed down to the river and unfortunately those guys were right with very murky water and the first hole looked deep. As I started to wade in heading down stream I quickly had water up to my chest, that woke me up! I then backed out and headed dow
  5. Lol I haven't heard of that law but I like and will not break it!
  6. Thanks again JB, you gave me some good suggestions. My new Orvis Clearwater outfit showed up yesterday and I'm ready to wet a line. I'll give a report Monday morning.
  7. JB thanks for all of the information, I really appreciate it. I think I'm going to run down to Kingston Saturday just because it's 1/2 hour closer and then hopefully I can sneak out Sunday morning too and then I'll try hitting Castor. Thanks again!!
  8. Unfortunately with work and kids I don't have a lot of time to run all over the place and honestly I have not had a lot of success in the past fishing these rivers that is why I'm trying to get some suggestions. I'm not trying to muscle in on anyone's honey hole just trying to get some suggestions.
  9. Great thanks for the information. Now I need to decide which one to try. I was thinking of doing St. Francois state park saturday morning and then castor sunday morning but maybe I'll try Kingston over St. Francois. My new Orvis is being delivered today so I'm just anxious to get out there catch some fish. Any preference on the better bite out of these 3 places?
  10. Thanks Jeff I know where that's at but have never been there. Have you done any fishing and wading here?
  11. Thanks for warning on Bootleg Smalliebigs! I'm not familiar with upper Castor River, do you know an access point I could look up? Yes fly fishing only.
  12. Well I'm thinking about trying either St. Francois State park access or going a little further down to the Bootleg access outside of Potosi. Anyone have any recent experience with these places and recommend one over the other?
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