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  1. Lettuce planted on Feb. 27 -two weeks late.
  2. Nothing yet. I need to enrich the soil in my little raised garden. Any thoughts?
  3. Folk lore says Feb. 14th is the day to your lettuce. I couldn't quite find time today.
  4. Speaking of Gurus - Marty or anyone know what the name of this thing could be? I bought it at the Army Surplus store in Springfield back in the '70's. I use it for cornbread & my sugar britches (FW for wife) calls them cornbread pucks.
  5. tho1mas

    Cast iron

    How long to cook? twenty-four min. @425. GOOD LUCK
  6. tho1mas

    Cast iron

    B.H. - I had four cornbread cast iron (gave two to the grandson). After the initial seasoning I never let soap touch them. Just use a stiff brush, light spray of Pam, dry off & store. I always mix bacon grease (melted) in the mix. Preheat the pans before cooking is the key to not sticking I think. Hodson Mill has a good recipe.
  7. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    Ever use honey for the sweet part?
  8. My 1st shingles shot really got my attention for about a week. The second one was no problem but I had to bite my lip to get it.
  9. tho1mas

    It's time

    The humming birds are back. Time to clean & fill up the feeders.
  10. While you have the carb apart you might as well put a kit in it. They do not cost much & may be the answer except for the spark problem.
  11. Bill - I have had good luck using fence posts for the boxes. They also need to be clear of over head limbs or other obstructions. Need to clean them out each winter.
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