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  1. If you are gonna be in places where such as that is likely you better be fully prepared to get the the heck of there, or be prepared to endure it. Out on the salt there ain't much to hide behind, on inland lakes there is usually a cove you can duck into and avoid the worst. Sat out a lot of thunderstorms tucked back in a cove when a kid on stockton, in a 14 ft richline. That guy saw it coming, I am a chicken I would have been headed for the nearest harbor at top speed.
  2. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Biscuits and gravy are never a bad choice.
  3. Don't care abut all the other losts, but glad to know oneshot is OK. Heck come on back at least you kept it lively at times. Ignore the goobers whomever they are.
  4. Used to fish double jigs for whites and it wasn't uncommon to hook one on each jig. But this little story isn't about two fish at once it's about the same fish twice. Wade fishing a small creek with a buddy, throwing small rapalas. He made a cast to an under cut bank as we went upstream, hooked a decent smallmouth who broke him off. We fished on up and then back downstream, I got to the same under cut bank first made the same cast he did and pow had a decent little smallie. In his gullet was a crawfish which I removed and behind that was my buddies little rapala, that fish was hungry, maybe an hour at most between catches. Have occasionally caught two fish on a crankbait and yeah its a circus to get them unhooked.
  5. Well heck, I was there today, didnt buy anything except some coffee, could have made the pickup for ya. Way way way back when I worked there in college it was a common thing to go get stuff and stash it for a customer, of course sometimes the customer never showed up, but we just put it back on the shelf, no biggie.
  6. If you like spring greens don't be afraid to plant some radish, spinach, lettuce, mustard greens etc. I have had better stuff in the fall than the winter. Also if you like early stuff you could include a cold frame and start those greens in February. A wilted salad along with some walleye or crappie fillets and fried taters is a rednecks dream. I also used to plant a winter cover crop but have long since quit the big garden.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I will try but my wife don't purr, she growls!
  8. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Ok yu masters of the brisket, I need your advice. I am going to attempt my nemesis this weekend, a brisket. I have one from the last butchering, so it isn't a big fatty one from the store, will be smaller and leaner. So my paln, such as it is, is to brine it overnight in my regular brine and then out it on the smoker early on Sunday morning, sa by 0600 with the intent of having it ready by 5 pm. Is that long enough to go low and slow to reach that magic temp of 203? And at what temp should I run the smoker? It is an electric smoker so easy to operate at whatever temp I want, but doesn't give a heavy smoke, which is why my brine has a heavy dose of liquid smoke it it. Brine is 1 cup of salt, one quarter cup sugar a big dose of liquid smoke and whatever else I happen to find lying around. Already have hime made bbq sauce and plenty of rub to apply. Do I need to spray it occasionally? Bag it after x number of hours? I say it is my nemesis because I have had them come out dry, medium rare and tough, and about every thing in between, the only "good" one I made involved slicing it up and putting it in a crock pot for a few hours, but I would just once like to have one right off the smoker that I liked.
  9. I get some chick in a bikini, but I don't mind. No clue what she is selling though.
  10. Wow everyone is getting weird. Go USA.
  11. They cost me $900 for a new electronic display for my tractor. I have enough cats and black snakes that mice and rats had better be fast and wary. I have never minded black snakes around, even if they have scared me out of a few years growth when they appear in unexpected places. Too bad they don't eat feral cats, coons, armadillos and possums.
  12. There have been athletes protesting in one form or another for years, but it wasn't cool.or good new until recently. I respect their right to protest, I just think it is in very poor taste to do so. Those athletes will never be able to sell me any product, assuming I have paid attention enough to know who they are.
  13. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Fresh caught salmon fillet (that's a lie), fresh picked asperagrass (also a lie), and fresh grown portabella mushrooms (definitely a lie). But even though all were sourced at a grocery store it was all darn good, salmon came out just how I like it, raw in the middle. Grandson is gonna be ticked when he sees what Papa cooked with out him to help eat it.
  14. Used a work boat once that had been Rhino Lined inside, worked and lasted well. No clue how or if that compares to seadeck.
  15. I have had a difficult time.getting into the Olympics that last several times. When I was a kid the Olympics were almost all that was on during their run, not so much else to choose from. I truly enjoyed the boxing and wrestling, but you seldom see those events now, at least I don't find them, but I don't look too hard either. I fully acknowledge that these athletes are some of the best in the world at their sports and am truly impressed at their abilities. I enjoy seeing some of the highlights of medal events but to sit and watch 6 different heats to see who gets to run in the finals, nah just doesn't do not for me. I will happily day that I am dang proud of any of the athletes that represent the USA whether they medal or not.
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