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  1. Or hell just mow them off, they seem to come back just fine. Short of brush killer I think the only way to kill them is to try to take good care of them.
  2. I may take you up on a trip to the Rock, that way I can not catch fish there one more time.!
  3. I had 3 of the doubles last year, only one did I put a tube in, the rest just stuck the hose in the gap between the tubs for a bit. I fertilized pretry much the same way, I very carefully tossed some into the gap and add water. Grew more cukes than I needed. Also had 4 single tubs and they were much more of a pain to watwr etc. So this year go big or go home!
  4. The spawn is usually like a bell curve, slow build up to a big peak and then dwindling down. The series of little cold fronts has been tough on the consistency this year. Seems like crappie are everywhere from shall to deep pre spawn to post spawn roaming and eating shad. Should be a good spawn overall and all this short fish are orobably 2019 year class, and are gonna grow for next year.
  5. Yes. What you can't see is the pile of extra tubs off to the side, they will all be doubles.
  6. Well a new era has begun for me, no more tilling with. Tractor or little tiller. Two more rows and some drilling, adding bricks in botoms and filling, more weed barrier and mulch. Heck nearly done, then it's planting time, maters, zukes, cukes, canteloupes? ?
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Decided to make some breakfast this morning. Over easy eggs with a big scoop of mild salsa, helping of grits, and some kind of sausage I found in the fridge. Chicken Feta spinach? And of course Zuri always ready to help by cleaning the egg yolk from the plate.
  8. Swim baits are one of my favorite things to throw. I like a sexy shad type of thing, sometimes with a tail dipped in red. Post spawn walleye hate them.
  9. I was completely with ya, UNTIL you started in with tying a goat to a tree. Bad things could happen, a little Alcahol, a little smoke, a bad decision and the video taken by the neighbor goes viral and suddenly you arent allowed within 1000 feet of a petting zoo.
  10. Green onions, white bread and butter Mmmm good, a GOOD slice of baloney would be good with it too.
  11. Dip the nutter butters in the lemonade like you would milk. You are welcome. Sadly I am a lemonade addict. Coca cola and lemonade too mmmmmm.
  12. Thanks, I just snorted out some lemonade.
  13. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I was a little in taking the phot. Just in case you can't tell it was some taters hash brown style, some morels and some crappie fillets off the cast iron grill plate. Friend gave me morels as I can't find the dang things. My wife provided most of the crappie. Wish I could figure out how to keep the crappie from falling apart, but they are thin and delicate. Walleye fillets are a lot easier to do on the cast iron.
  14. I nearly bought a new spinning rod at IAM outdoors Saturday simply because I liked it AND I happened to have a spinning reel just sitting around. Never mind the fact that I have several hat I just don't use much and likely bought for a specific use but decided I like one of my old faithful better. Crappoe jigs and stuff it's potable time I admit I have a fetish for crappie jigs I just buy more and toss them into a duffle bag, like Christmas everytime I want to look for something. Just the other day I found two brand new chain stringers and a new Morakniv.
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