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  1. Here is another fascinating dam collapse story, fortunately this one was a near miss. https://damfailures.org/case-study/fontenelle-dam/
  2. That Johnny Cash was what I needed to end end this day, I’m saving Willie, it I’ll be a good way to start tomorrow. Thanks Bob,
  3. The upper Mississippi valley is beautiful, thanks for the report.
  4. Yes, at the boat ramp on Niangua, we ate baloney sandwiches, had a great time, nice guy, he loves that river.
  5. I’d rather spend the day with those ole boys and their noddle rods than some young bucks and their exaggerated double hauls. Fun video, thanks for posting.
  6. I haven’t seen the river but it should be perfect, good luck.
  7. Go through the Joplin image history on google earth, it’ll put a knot in your gut.
  8. Yeah, it should run in 4” empty 6”-8” loaded, of course you can’t be afraid of kissing a rock or two. Sounds like a perfect boat for me, the timing is just not right.
  9. Haha, A while back I had a Penobscot 16 with the wood trim, it was a sweet boat. You may still have a chance to pick this one up, my truck rack is toast and I don't think I'm up throwing canoes over my head any more. Does anyone have a recommendation for a canoe trailer?
  10. I think I'm familiar with that boat. I sent you a PM.
  11. Yes it is, excellent design, fabrication and finish. Thanks for the link.
  12. Cool boat, I’d like to know more.
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