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  1. After getting honey do’s done and watching the hogs get beat went to the lake for a couple hours. Caught 10, 2 keepers. Had another solid fish pull off. All on the crawler on bluffs. Wt: 70.
  2. It's all about decisions, thought we were on a solid shallow pattern running a couple creeks and pockets with buzz baits/jigs on boat docks up the lake. That's what we did the first day, scratched out 3. Slept on the decision to go down the lake the second day and was going to hit a couple of areas and as we were running looked over at place where the wind was blowing into just right and made an instant decision to fish there, caught 4 of our 5 keepers in that one little area 150 yds. It worked out!
  3. Finished 27th 18.5 lbs over the weekend fishing with fellow bass club buddy. Had a great time had to cover a lot of water in 2 days to get what we caught. 3 keepers on buzzbait, 1 crawler, 3 on jigs, 1 on a blade. Fall bite is in full swing! Baxter to the dam was where we were at! Caught 5 bonus Walters all over 18inchers! Those don’t count in a Bass derby!
  4. I can drive it right into the ditch anytime Mr. Babler. It happens to me all the time fishing this way. You see the fish but can’t get them to react. However when it goes right no one can touch you. Fishing is a fun game.
  5. Fished PT 5 to the dam all day. Caught 2 solid keepers running the shallow pattern as a few weeks ago. Did manage 6 keeper bites. 3 of them loaded up good and started cranking them in and they pulled off. Had one all the way to the boat and went to swing it bounced it off the side of the boat. 2 other decent bites nothing but air. 15lbs won the club tournament. Fishrman won big fish with a 5.35. WT: 74-75.
  6. What a difference a week makes since the joe Bass last Saturday. 2 kicker bites got me the win! Fishing the same pattern as Fishrman very shallow water. Conditions were perfect cloudy perfect wind. Fished hard where I’ve caught big ones before and it worked out! Wt low 80’s it’s changing guys.
  7. I’m still scratching my head over why it changed so much. That’s the joys of competitive fishing! Enjoyed the day like always with Fishrman. We caught our limit which is the goal but the size definitely changed! We’ll get em again!
  8. 4 years ago in July, whopper plopper in Kings River, saw the big one blow up on the plopper horsed it in and there were 2! Over 9lbs of fish. Had a double on a A-Rig but that's cheating!
  9. Fished down lake today, caught 9 keepers and about the same short fish. Topwaters/Chatter baits/Spoons. 5 keepers shallow-topwater, 1 chatter bait, 3 on a spoon. Pulled up on one dock made 5 flips 5 fish! Honestly, bite is solid from daylight to 9. Caught all fish by 10 had a trolling motor pulley break in the foot pedal or we would have kept jerking on em. Wt 86.
  10. I've heard the upper end is tough to get anything going.
  11. Not a bad day for August. 14 keepers, variety of depths. For sure get out early there is a good bite fishing dark shade lines points/pockets where ever bait is present cover water and go! Topwaters and square bills were the best option. Had my best friend dragging a worm behind the boat he caught his share also. Caught a handful on a spoon treetops out to 50ft. Wt: 85ish.
  12. Crankbaits can be sneaky good! Don't forget a buzzbait too!
  13. Over the last 2 years I've lost more fish/money with fish not staying buttoned with the plopper. It was a different type of bite they were just "slurp" bites not explosive bites. It's all between the ears my friends! Had a blast with Fishrman yesterday! Learned a new trick with the spinner bait for sure!
  14. Had a great time! Learned a new trick with the spinner bait for sure! Hopefully my boat will back in the water before August.
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