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  1. Been fishing hard since the -15 temps in February with limited success! Fishing the Solo Pro Series had been interesting to say the least. Not capitalizing on key bites when opportunity knocks. (Pull offs) treble hook baits. Man I love this crazy game of cat mouse. Anyways, fished the rock today 5 bites, 3 shorts/ 1 -3lber and pulled off a significant bigger one 5 ft from boat. They sure are fun watching them in the clear water shacking their heads! That 1 fish would have put me in the top 30! Today! The rock showed her teeth today. Congrats to everyone that's been catching them! KC-Cap
  2. Somebody say crankbait bite! It's time! That's alot of fun!
  3. No, it was easily 10ft visibility both sections. Was hoping for a little color change at the second area. Only difference was the water temp, 41 at second location verses 42 at 1st location
  4. I think section of the lake is a big deal right now. Luckily put in at one part and caught em pretty steady for a couple hours, trailered to another section and it was night and day difference only caught 2 more with one other hard hit. No size what so ever at the second section of the lake.
  5. Pausing it at least 12-15. For sure a long 10. For this fisherman it's hard to fish that slow. Fish sure would smash it once they committed to it. They didn't act to cold either very spunky fighting the fish too! I would love to fish that jerkbait tournament but will be at Grand fishing the Solo Pro over there.
  6. Finally got some water temps below 44, heck with A-Rig s. Had to fish slow slow and slower! Caught 8. Wt: 42.
  7. I have lost count the last 3 years fishing Bull how many 20-25lb bags of fish I have seen swimming around. I've won several big fish awards in our club tournaments all being 4 3/4-5 1/2lbs. There were buddies swimming with it the same size or bigger and all these fish have come in 6ft or less! The lake has em, you can catch em shallow or deep! The biggest bag I had the privilege to see was 27.75 caught in a night tournament out of 39bridge their big fish was 5.50. Caught on Spinnerbait!
  8. It's been that way for me if I make myself try fishing deep. Lots of lookers for sure.
  9. It's a bite or two an hour deal, when they pull up they are aggressive and good quality. I like fishing for em too much can't stand starring at a graph too long even though I have livescope. Have a happy New year everyone.
  10. Well I'm 2 for 2 on productive trips: catching fish and trolling motor cables. This time we were in my dad's boat, only 1 1/2 hours of fishing but caught 3 solid keepers cranking. Wt:49 everywhere we were at.
  11. Caught 8 keepers and another 7 short fish today in just 3 hours before a mechanical issue with my trolling motor cable caused us to quit early. Wt: 49-50. Crawler and Jig caught em. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be safe everyone.
  12. Wasn't much better up the kings river either. 2pm-dark thirty. 3 bites boated 1 14incher. Judging by livescope there is endless supply of shad have to be around them when active. Had 2 knock slack on a spoon over 70 feet but we're sitting in open water, no trees hanging around the shad. Tried damiki wouldn't touch it fell too slow need to down size line to 6lb line this boy doesn't do that, may have to learn by fire! I enjoy the livescope to see how the fish react you can tell pretty quickly if they have seen a color or not it's incredible! As good as the graphs are they still don't tell
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