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  1. We fished over the weekend and caught them in two locations, one was as wrench stated on wood. The other was 5'-7' deep under docks in deeper water. We couldn't get more than 2-3 off of the wood, but we did hang out on a friends dock and caught several moving a jig slow under the floats. The dock is on a point on the main lake. We caught mostly males around wood and mostly females under the deeper docks. Fishing was slow and the bite was light. When the wind picked up it was tough to feel them.
  2. I will be taking the family down for Easter and we will be targeting crappie. Are they still under the docks, or have they started moving shallower?
  3. We were down this weekend and it seemed to change every day for us. One day they wanted a shad imitation under a cork the next day wouldn't touch it but would hit a slow moving jig close to the bottom. We ended up with a double limit on Friday and Saturday, but we had to work for it. Evening bite was the best for us. Most fish were scattered and only once did we catch more than 3 in the same spot.
  4. If you like Garmin and are looking to upgrade in size, Bass Pro has the Garmin 9" on sale right now. The Echomap 93sv plus for $599. It has the capability of adding livescope. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/garmin-echomap-plus-93sv-with-gt52-transducer-fish-finder-chartplotter-combo
  5. I only paint for me and my friends, and I only buy the blanks that I like to use. With that being said, I did buy a bulk order of these Live Target Craw blanks about a month ago as I was running low. I have been fishing them for several years now and they are my favorite bait. If anyone is interested and would want some, I would be willing to sell some of them. They run about 4'-5' deep and very straight. They are not the cheapest by any means, but they are almost $10 in the store. I would be asking $2.00/bait plus shipping and ask if you want any to by 5 or more. Me ssage me through here if you want any or have any questions. Jeff
  6. BlackJeep, my trip was last weekend, Oct 4-6. We didn't go above the fall creek marina docks and I was using a rented pontoon. You will not have a problem.
  7. I may not be the best to answer this question due to the amount of times I get to fish the lake, but here goes. I would assume it would change often due to water flow, time of year, time of day, and how you like to fish. For us we started at fall creek and on our first drift we went all the way to Cooper Creek boat ramp. We had a few flurries of action along the way and as the current felt like it was getting slower, we decided to motor back up. On the second drift we stopped at Lilleys, third trip we stopped just below Trout Hollow. After that we decided to run down towards that landing and fish around there and get lunch. After lunch we drifted from the island through the bridges and to the Fish House. We caught some fish at every stop, but we liked the first drift from fall creek to just above Lilleys the best for us. This was the fastest moving water and we liked that. The drift from the Island to the Fish House was the slowest drift, but we still caught fish there too. I normally fish for bass and I like to use crank baits, so I am usually moving when I fish. That may be why I liked the upper drift the best. If you normally fished for catfish or crappie, you may like the slower drifts. As far as why we stopped where we did, we would stop when the bites were slowing up drastically. If there was a long time between bites, it was time to move to where the bites were. It is kind of crazy that most of the bites were in the same general areas every time.
  8. They work really well and are cheap. I get them off of ebay
  9. I took several friends down over the weekend for some good times and good fishing. We started Friday drifting below fall creek. We threw just about everything to start with, power worms, jigs, jerk baits and worms. It took us until about 11 to realize that drifting the crawlers was going to be the best bet for numbers. We were using a #6 circle hook and #5 round split shot on 4 lb mono and a 4lb floro leader. The circle hook helps with very few of them getting hooked deep. I have started adding a bobber stop below the weight to help prevent the weight from slipping down to the hook. This way I don't have to crimp the split shot down so hard it kinks the line. We ended up with about 20-25 fish on Friday, mostly on worms. Went back out Saturday and only used worms. We found out late on Friday that pinching the worm into 1/3 instead of 1/2 got us more bites. I think that the smaller worm would make them get it all the way in the mouth. When using 1/2 worm, we got a ton of tugs but not as many commits. We went through 3 boxes of 18 worms in 2 days, pinching them in 1/2 and 1/3. We had about 45-50 fish on Saturday. With the rain on Sunday, we didn't go back out. We had a great weekend and loved spending time with good friends.
  10. Thanks Phil, Love the reports, I will be down Thursday with some friends who have never been trout fishing. I am sure we will be drifting worms, should be fun.
  11. Spent the weekend fishing the lower end for bass for the first time. I have had several trips to Taney where I brought bass gear but chickened out and always stayed above the landing. This time I went down with the sole purpose to fish the lower end. We stayed in a resort around the landing and started out Friday along the main lake and in a small creek south of the landing. The moss has choked up most of the bank and creeks in this area, so it was tough for us to get anything started. We ended up with a few small bass flipping soft plastics behind the moss at lay downs. After that we headed down to Bull Creek. Again, this area was pretty choked with moss. We did find some more small bass on spinnerbaits and crankbaits around the docks. Nothing to brag about. As the day went on we made our way through Rockaway Beach and a little farther down stream. We ended our first day a little defeated since we only had around 10 fish and most of them were small. Saturday we decided to boat to the dam and start there and work our way up stream. Again we found moss close to the bank, but down here there was a little more room behind the weeds and we had fun pulling little bass off of lay downs similar to the day before. The good thing was there seemed to be more fish in this area. My partner kept seeing fish follow his crankbait but wouldn't get any takers. As we moved up stream we pulled into a small cove and I switched to a crankbait that was just a little different from his. Immediately I started catching fish, one after the other. The only thing was they were mostly trout. We were shocked. We were using baitcasters with 10-12 lb line and baits that resembled a LC 1.5. We ended up staying in this one cove for a few hours and lost track of how many fish we caught. We did end up catching a few bass mixed in with the trout. Not sure if this is normal, but it was a crazy day for us. Sunday we didn't have but a few hours to fish so we decided to try another crazy idea and use bass lures above the landing for trout. That didn't work out as well as it did at the bottom of the lake, but we still caught a few. And since we were experimenting, I put on a ned rig just for fun. I caught 5 trout on it above the bridges. The trout would pick it up and shake it like a bluegil. All in all, it was a crazy weekend and I can't wait to do it again. Next time I think I will schedule a trip earlier in the year in hopes of less moss.
  12. LOZ has great cell coverage, they could have gone up there
  13. Bill, Do you modify your red fins? Could you post a picture of what red fin you are using? I was down over the weekend and tried the red fin with no luck. It was my first time trying to use it, as I really like the spook. I am wanting to learn the bait, but the one I was using wasn't staying on top. I will be back down in the middle of next week with my father in law and nephew and would like to get them on that bite. How slow do you have to reel it? Did you do anything to it to make it float better? Any help will be appreciated. I was getting very frustrated with it. By the way, the ned rig and tube worked very well for us. Most of the fish came from around 10' on the sides of the gravel points. We didn't have as much luck directly on top of the point. We fished from morning to just after noon, averaged about 25-30 fish with 10-16 keepers each day.
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