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  1. I wonder how it will look in 5 years. Just got back from LA. All the bay boat are just fiberglass on the deck and it seems to work fine. My Xpress is of the same design as their bay boats. The carpet around the edges of the compartment doors make them hard to open.
  2. curtisce


    That's right where we caught them. I haven't fished Turman much and don't knowmany of the location names yet
  3. curtisce


    Had a friend go up Thursday, trolling down on the lower lake they caught 9 nice hybrids 3-10#. didn't say whether they got any whites.
  4. curtisce


    Hoped with the recent rainfall that they would be running water through the dam but that wasn't the case. Bluebird skies a little wind made it tough ran down the lake a bit and ran into an area of probably a half a mile in length where the whites were surfacing. We were on them for about an hour easily catching one most every cast
  5. Had friends over for a fish fry other night. Thawed a pack of white bass in case we needed it. Just got done slicing it up mixing in some onion and spices. Give it half a day add some clinatro, tomato,and jalape├▒o
  6. 4 pages in this thread and I haven't read anyonne who has eaten anything that they or someone they know has caught. Ny preferred way to eat white bass is cerviche.when you cut it into small bits you can discard any red meat. I had redfish sushi prepared by a fellow fisherman in LA last fall. My brother made paddlefish caviar and we ate a mason jar full of it, If that had been store bought it prabably would have cost $10,000. And as an added benefit as @BilletHeadwill state I never have to go to the bait store to get my worms­čĄ¬
  7. Is everyone else's cable push the power cable like this. I most often swing the cable around to the outside to avoid this but it's awkward
  8. The whole deployment cable on Ultrex shows a lack of engineering IMO. The cable pushes against the power cable to the head when you deploy it. I thought I had the trolling motor on the wrong side of the boat or maybe I'm doing it wrong
  9. I think what is meant is that fish should taste like fish smell ;ile after not being propely stored
  10. Anybody else have problems with the Ultrex deploy cable. I never liked how it pushes against the primary power cable going to the head. But now I noticed the plastic coating on the cable has worn off and the steel cable is carving a groove in the aluminum piece. May have to replace both
  11. They were up on bed so they were pretty easy to target. Find an area with large boulder size rock throw a fluke or ned by it .most of the time we did long cast but sometime we would come up on one and see the nest. Many times you wouldn't feel the bite but you could see the fish move off the nest with the bait so you just set the hook.
  12. Glacial lakes region in NE South Dakota. It's a very interesting area geologically speaking.You can see on the map all the lake there are in the area. This area is about 600 ft higher in elevation than the surrounding area which doesnt have the number of lakes. Roy Lake is the Lake just SW of Lake City
  13. They are tied similaar to these jigs used for redfish. They are called Bugg jigs
  14. First trip in 2013 was for 4 days of fishing. This year I went up Sunday before Memorial Day and stayed till the Saturday after Memorial day, 13 days of fishing. Wind is always a factor. It would keep us off the lake at times but we managed to get out each day to fish despite the elements. Had one night with a freeze and the day we left my truck thermometer read 101 so quite a change in 2 weeks. We fished 10 different lakes ,caught 8 different spieces of fish. Targeted mostly bass, both small and largemouth but would catch penty of pike and a few walleyes doing that . GP Ned was the favorite bait but caught some of the bass on bubble gum flukes . Jerkbaits and crankbaits as well. We bottom bounced a bit for walleye but swimbaits produced as well and certainly more entertaining. bigges SM was 5.25#, biggest LM 6.5# , and my best 5 fish day was 22.75# all SM. We camped at the state park on Roy , had a few fish frys , and ate a few night at Club Eden the local watering hole. Camp after 16 hours of rain Battling the wind, thank god for spotlock Pat wiht the largest SM 5.25# He caught the largest LM too 6.5# 5# SM My second 5# SM of the day 3SM of the day My son with a nice one Doubling up both caught on a ned Love these guys
  15. Was up there last week. It wasn't till the end of the day that I figured out as you found that the ledges and bluff ends were better than the spawning areas.
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