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  1. Try Rodbuilding.org. There are some pretty knowlegable guys on there, or at least some that sound like they are.
  2. Fishing report from the future. Can you get me the lottery numbers too?
  3. OK. I thought the Missouri regatta page had it listed Friday and Saturday.
  4. I think it is tomorrow too. We put in at Mill Creek and it seemed like all 117 of them went past us headed up the James River. I guess that's where they caught their fish.
  5. I don't know which of those that green stuff was, but I fished there Sunday and it was pretty nasty in some spots.
  6. Heading down to Taneycomo for New Years and through the weekend. I always bring the worst weather with me. People should pay me to stay home. Maybe the fishing will be good. Cold, but good.
  7. Grew up in Humboldt. Went to high school there. Tn. Martin for college. We fished Pickwick and Big Sandy quite a bit also.
  8. Made mine from 1/4" thick black Sintra plastic that I cut out on the bandsaw and sanded the edges.
  9. Cool video. I grew up in West Tn and fished Reelfoot with my Grandpaw alot. I remember the days when there were no limit on crappie or bluegill and we would come home with a huge cooler full.
  10. Dang. When you said you had a new thumper, I was hoping you were making shine.
  11. and what would you throw if you were fishing the next couple of days?
  12. Black crappie matter, although I catch alot more white crappie
  13. doesn't really show up in the picture, but just never seen one as bright green as it was.
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