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  1. Did you switch to Bull Shoals?!?!?? Was last night your “special powers” at work?
  2. I’m with Wrench. Would absolutely take someone stoned vs drunk or hangover, any time, any job. I also got shredded to bits over on the BBC for saying that a whole lot, if not a majority of tradesmen self medicate with a little meth when they need to get up and go to work. I’m not saying it’s right or good, in fact I believe harmful self medication is a key reason we need Medicare for All, but you better believe it happens, even among folks that look “sober”.
  3. And for the record, even though I don’t partake myself, I’m 100 percent in favor of legal marijuana, and think it should be pulled off the standard drug tests. It’s no worse than alcohol. If folks want to smoke a little after work, they shouldn’t lose their job when other folks can modify their headspace with a six pack.
  4. Meth is killing rural America. I wish I had an answer to it. Between meth and opiates, we are now three generations lost. I’m hoping some infrastructure and clean energy jobs can help, but it’s a catch 22. What good are jobs if you can’t get people sober enough to work, and what good is being sober if you don’t have any hope for anything other than a check from Uncle Sam? It’s incredibly sad when you see good people turn into dead eyed skeletons.
  5. Having been on unemployment for a year, and recently being called back to work with PPP money, I can say for certain I didn’t get rich from any of the federal supplements. We made our payments, and thankfully the owner of the sound, lighting and video production company I work for paid both the company half and my half of our health insurance the whole time we were out of work. If I had to come out of pocket for healthcare coverage like most on unemployment have, life would have been real, real uncomfortable. It’s been tough enough to pay full price for dental work for the ki
  6. The old school G. Loomis IMX MBR-782 is for me, the perfect top water rod. I would call it a fast, maybe a mod-fast, medium power. It’s THE rod for walking baits up to 5/8oz. I have no idea if they still make the MBR-782, or what the newer blanks feel like. I know I preferred the IMX to the GLX for this application back in the day, as the GLX was just a mite too crisp. For redfins and other wake baits, I have a couple of really, really old G. Loomis IM6 PR-844 popping rods. These things are 7’ long al dente pasta noodles, but they load up well on a cast, and keep fish pinned that sm
  7. My friend Stan bank fishes there pretty often. Usually starts around dusk, and catches some pretty good Walters and the occasional white/hybrid there.
  8. For a brief period I had an 05 Chevy shortbed. Even with a worn out V6 it was really fun to drive. Felt like a go cart compared to the extended cabs I’ve been driving for years.
  9. I’d come on down. It will be high, but fishing should be great. I’d be ready with spinnerbaits, flukes and senkos, and top waters over the bushes, as well as flipping baits. Bull is big enough that even while rising, it won’t all be muddy, and there will be fish to be caught.
  10. I’ll find the smallies when I’m down on the 26-27th. I’ll be sure and conduct a very accurate survey, I’ll catch all I can lol
  11. 40 pounds? 5 fish limit each day? Catching two 20 pound 5 fish stringers back to back is a dang good job! thanks for the report- I can’t wait til next week when I can get back down to get after them myself! Mark Burris
  12. They weren’t doing it when I was there. You better believe I looked...LOL
  13. Hello- Finally getting around to posting a report for my trip last week. Tuesday, I screwed up. Fished all day out of Spring Creek. Didn’t listen to what the fish were telling me, and ended the day with two bites and no fish caught. I was trying to force a shallow bite on crankbait and big swimbait, and it just wasn’t happening. Wednesday I wised up a little, and started paying attention to the fact that they were pulling the lake 6 to 8 inches a day. I made the adjustment to go to bluff end points, and caught some fish on the Arig. I had 6 keepers, including a real nice sm
  14. Wow- 26 pounds is a good day anywhere!
  15. Awesome, make sure and post a report! Even if you didn’t catch em, sometimes what someone else did that didn’t work is as valuable info as what did work! Just trying to get some more guys posting and getting to know each other here- posts routinely get 200-300 views or more, and yet their are only a half dozen of us who ever post...
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