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  1. They do things different across the pond. I like throwing big swimbaits, but my elbows and wrist get sore after fishing anything over 4ozs for a few hours.
  2. They had 2 in stock, those sold, now they have one back in stock 🤷‍♂️ They use it to draw fish out of cover and then come back later to try to catch them with something else, not so much to actually get fish to strike it. It's a sight to watch a bait that size being cast.
  3. Yeah, Aaron Britt. The video I posted is actually from his Youtube channel. I guess he's proud of it or something? I've had some rough boat rides from getting caught out in weather or staying out longer than I should have, I'd be willing to bet we all have, but that was just plain 'point the nose the direction I want to go and put the hammer down, consequences be darn', boat driving it looked like to me.
  4. He seems to have a thing for being a bad boat driver and wanting to show it off to everyone though.
  5. I was foolish enough to drive an hour south from my house to the power plant lake on Saturday knowing that everyone with a boat would be there. Then it was thick fog with idiots everywhere. I watched boat after boat blast WOT into this stuff. I guess their Livescope must mark other boats at 70mph or something?
  6. Agreed. I'm lucky that both him and his younger brother like going. He's been fishing since he was 2 and he's 7 now, so he pretty much considers himself a pro 😆
  7. This little guy in the green pumpkin orange is a great bait on a finesse jig or on a slider head. My oldest son caught his biggest bass to date on it fishing it on a slider head when he was only 4 the first time I took him on a day trip with me. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Crock-O-Gator_Ring_Craw_10pk/descpage-CRKORC.html
  8. Haven't caught a big one from TR but I got a nice one last Saturday here in NE KS on a jigging spoon.
  9. You can have mine. I have the option through my work but I declined. I had my blood work done, zero of the at risk traits. See no point in getting a vaccine they no so little about that doesn't even prevent getting something that I might get and not even know I have anyways. For all they know the long term side effects could be worse than the effects of me getting Covid, no thanks.
  10. I've been really happy with the Provokes, caught a lot of good fish with them this past year. Duo 110s run deeper than most it seems and not often you hear about them. Some really nice colors available also.
  11. It's a KGB Legend. They make really nice baits. I've got a Chad Shad and a crappie. They're tough baits to get a hold of.
  12. I saw one smallmouth that was weighed in posted on a swimbait page on FB that took the 2nd spot in one of the weigh ins the first day at 4.34lbs.
  13. Agreed. That's why I just turn and leave. It does no good to blow up on them, then I'm just in the wrong too. Although they aren't technically doing anything wrong, a guy would like to think someone would have a little common sense and courtesy, but that doesn't seem to be a thing anymore.
  14. Just don't let them nibble on you, no matter how gentle they promise to be. Just wish I could have weighed this dinosaur before it chomped me, biggest one I've ever seen.
  15. Start about the 3:10 mark. You can tell they're close in the video but I could have touched the hulls of their kayaks with my rod as they paddled past me. I wouldn't have been able to go any further as it turned out because there was a bank fisherman I hadn't seen, but it didn't stop them from going on and paddling all over in the little waterfall pool where he was trying to fish.
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