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  1. DI stuff was only in Boot Camp! LOL! Gotta love Gunny Ermy, he was an Air-wing POG too.
  2. Perfect time to take a chance...No wife & kids, and stuck in a job were your employer treats you like a slave...Felt the same way when I chose to leave the USMC at 25. I hope you figure out what is best for you.
  3. Got roped into a trip to Bass River Resort last weekend. Haven't camped there in 30 something years. Wow that place has grown! Tons of RV hookups now. People everywhere getting nickeled and dimed. Put in up at Berryman with two school bus loads around 9.30am. Laid back to watch the offload and got rolling around 10. Fishing was pretty decent for numbers in-spite of the crowd Not really any competition for bass, since all the weekenders were tossing wee-craws and rooster tails. Toss a bass lure in the spots that floaters didn't want to be and you caught some fish. Guess 25 or so and 3 in the 15
  4. Your still young enough to do anything you want. Pick something you like and go for it.
  5. Well bless her heart, maybe she forgot to take her meds.
  6. Those fish must have been really friendly....Both of the sports were pathetic casters.
  7. I'm gonna drink great wine and dress in funny clothes when I grow up https://www.tastevin-bourgogne.com/en/
  8. Try Google Earth and use the historical views...Might give you a better idea regarding camp spots, but the river is different every time you visit. You should be fine as long as the water is not too high...Quick float out then. Good luck.
  9. Kayaks are 6' long sit on tops and they were great little river boats & pool toys when the kids were younger Pickup only in the 63119. $100 takes both boats and paddles. Call me @ Tree1Four7NinetyFiveTreeSevenTreeTree.
  10. Depends on if he uses it or not. Borrowed a friends and killed it a couple years ago. Bought him a new new one to replace it...and borrow it as needed. It's his...HE can store it😄!
  11. Lake development and restocking programs? Well bless your heart❤️.
  12. Interesting fish. At first glance its certainly a hybrid. There are lateral line markings (similar to a largemouth or spot), and horizontal bars below the lateral line (like a largemouth or spot). Not a great pic with its mouth closed, but it appears to have a bigger gape than a smallmouth, spotted bass, or Coldwaterfisher after a liter of Tito's😀. Would have never guessed smallie/largemouth cross.
  13. You cant really go wrong with an MXH blank from Mudhole if you go the custom route. Have wrapped several, and all have been great. Rainshadow and Northfork Composites make some great blanks too.
  14. That sucks Pete...Hope you heal up quickly!
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