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  1. Head up river (East) from the boat house about 1/2 a mile till you see a small tributary on your left (North). I will usually start working the mouth of the creek with a 3XD crankbait or finesse worm. From here keep working east along the bluff wall till you hit the bend where another creek comes in from the conservation area. It will open up here quite a bit. The creek channel follows the bluff pretty tight, but don't skip the flat across from it. From here you will see the old train bridge by the cemetery. This whole stretch from the flat/bluff to the old 65 boat ramp has produced for me year after year. Hope this helps, and good luck!!
  2. Are you bank fishing, or do you have access to a boat/kayak?
  3. "When we get home I'm gonna punch your Momma right in the mouth". " But Daddy".. "Get in the car Jr."
  4. Spent a lot of my childhood exploring the Stanislaus River. This is some friends and I in ‘95 at the section called Candy Rock. I still had some hair!! Lol
  5. Doug's automotive on S. Campbell. Half a block south of Grand st.
  6. I'm jealous!! Your on my home waters, and I'm working in your backyard (Exxon Joliet). Glad you guys had a great time.
  7. Caught this girl on the 8th in Matagorda Texas. Little golf course pond. Was a great start for 2019!!
  8. Now that's a feel good story!!! Thanks Phil.
  9. Thanks!! It was a nice surprise, and it’s always a pleasure having the wife’s company.
  10. Took the wife on a 3 hour tour around point 10. On the water at 4:00 off at 7:00pm. WT was 84.5 with 10 mph winds out of the south. Threw a jig the whole time. Caught 3 keepers with one nice 5lber. All fish were in less than 5ft of water on the down wind side of the point.
  11. Haven’t been down this summer, but I have had success punching, and throwing a frog.
  12. On the water by 6:00 off at 1:30. WT’s 81 in the am, 84 by noon. Caught 11 with 6 keepers going around 11 Lbs. most fish came off channel swings or close to solo docks. WP/90 did most the work. I think the fog and mixed clouds helped the bite last till around 10:00. After that went to the 6XD. Had a Wiesel follow me for about 20 minutes. Pretty cool!!!
  13. Like Ness I have a long complicated Czech last name. Gurzik is how it is pronounced. My avatar is me with a sweet 4lb largemouth with its winter lip stick on. Had to give her a kiss!!
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