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  1. I'm not sure what's worse. The trash scum thieves that are in the city or the trash scum thieves that live out in rural areas. Can't get away from it if you wanted to. This is why we can't have nice things.
  2. Dardenne Creek never used to flood like it does now. All that concrete and asphalt that's been added to the area as St. Charles county has grown in population causes the water to run off into the creek faster than ever, and it doesn't have a place to go except where people have built houses and businesses now. Take from mother nature and she shall taketh back.
  3. Depending on what kind of truck you have just buying one on etrailer.com and installing it yourself would be cheapest. I've bought hitches for 3 vehicles from there before and they come with all the hardware and instructions to install them. Pretty easy if you have a set of tools and the ability to do it.
  4. I've had good luck on a swing head jig with them in the past. Dragging them back up the current in a river, smallies seemed to like them.
  5. I don't think I want it. I don't have enough time to go fishing as it is. Trying to figure out more electronics when I do have time is just wasting my time I have to fish. I'd rather look at the beautiful surroundings than staring at a graph screen while fishing anyways. I have my eyes on a screen 5 days a week as it is.
  6. That's a big dude there. Possible World Record Mean Mouth Caught in Texas – Wired2Fish
  7. Watch this video. They put a 50hp EV motor in a jon boat. Check out all the batteries. I guess they are wet cells, but you'd still need a lot of lithium ($$$) batteries to run 25mph. I don't think you'll be pulling up to a service dock and swapping those out for fresh ones when they are almost dead. Looks fun though, and the sound is better than an ICE.
  8. You don't think the battery needed go any considerable distance with this would need to be a large, not easily swappable, battery like EV cars have? EV cars have much less movement resistance than boats do. Gas outboards get maybe 1-2mpg if they are lucky, where a comparable car engine can 10-20 times that. I'm thinking the batteries would have to be built into the boats for them to be anywhere practical, which means heavy, which means poor performance unless they are laid out properly.
  9. Mercury jumping on this whole EV bandwagon madness. Not sure what happens when you run out of juice out on the lake and it takes 6-8hours for a charge up. Mercury Announces First Avator Electric Outboard Concept – Wired2Fish
  10. Here’s my big guy Winston. All 105lbs of him. Almost 2 year old F1b golden doodle. He wasn’t supposed to be this big. His mom and dad were 60 and 65lbs.
  11. How late do the cows get to stay up? Pasture bedtime. What is orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot. How do trees access the internet? They log in.
  12. The grocery store had some alligator meat for sale so I bought it. I read the best way to cook it is in a croc pot. Any truth in that?
  13. I ended up getting Covid delivered by Santa. Woke up with a fever on Christmas and couldn't get tested until Monday. Super positive. Then my wife tested positive last Thursday, then my oldest daughter yesterday. Youngest still negative. She might be the one that gave it to all of us by being exposed without symptoms. Or I got it from work while working in the casino where 90% of the people don't wear masks. I had 101-102 fever for 2 days with muscle ache, headache, and fatigue and slight cough, then came sore throat and sniffles on Monday. I went to a hotel to try to limit my exposure to my family but they already had it. Oh well. I tested negative on New Years Day and I'm fine now. I mainly took Sudafed for the sniffles and tylenol for the fever and headache. I had been double vaxxed, no booster yet though. Wife was boosted, 9 year old was double vaxxed as well. Can only think they vaccine helped keep the symptoms relatively mild. Wife never had a fever, only some congestion. Daughter just congestion and fever.
  14. It's tiny, and was busy the day we were there. To go along with their really good meats, I remember their bacon mac n cheese and smoked cauliflower was amazing. Looks like they have a 2nd location called Beast Butcher and Block in the Grove now.
  15. I'll have to 2nd Pappy's, Dalie's, and Bogart's. All owned by the same people, but they all offer different things. All really good. I'd say Dalie's is my favorite mainly because it's not super busy like Pappy's and the BBQ is super good, probably not Salt Lick good, but that's a whole different thing down there. Over in Belleville though, we found a pretty good BBQ place on our way back from apple picking this year also. It's a small hole in the wall place called Beast Craft BBQ. Definitely worth a try and we are glad we found it and stopped.
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