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  1. I'll never launch out of Coffman ever again. That place is a circus in the summer and the large openness of the water there get ultra choppy with the wind and boats. I'll put in at Gravois Mills and just make the run from there if I want to head down the Gravois arm.
  2. If I could go back in time and have a do-over I would be a blacksmith or a wood turner. But then again, back then there wasn't all these cool satisfying YouTube videos to watch other people work their crafts.
  3. I always wondered where the Miramiguoa Park near Meramec State Park got it's name.
  4. My dad hates squirrels. He has several pin oaks in his backyard and they get little burls on the branches. The squirrels chew through the branches to knock the burls to the ground to take away to eat. He picks up 30-40 branches daily in his small yard.
  5. Overhead is certainly cheaper if you keep lobbies closed and shut down overnight. I work for the state in the casinos. Most of them haven't or are just now finally turning on their self service drink fountains. They've saved a ton over the last year and a half not having those on I bet. Employee levels are still super low too. And casino revenue is at or near all time highs with lower admission rates. It all makes absolutely no sense if no one is working, where people are getting money to spend in casinos.
  6. Did anyone else see the fish trying to talk to Mike at the 2:24 mark over his left shoulder?
  7. I think going back to Mitch's original post on this COVID or not, fast food was heading this way when workers began demanding higher pay, as if jobs like that were meant to be careers. People flipping burgers shouldn't be making $15/hr when skilled workers like EMTs driving ambulances only make $17-18/hr. You saw owners reaction to that by putting in the "order your own food" kiosks in places like McDonalds and Taco Bell and cutting the amount of workers standing behind the counter waiting for customers to walk up. Those kiosks work for pretty cheap after they are paid off. I think those kiosks are great, you can order it like you want. My big beef about the whole thing is I went to McDonalds the other day to get my kids some nugget happy meals and the drive through line was about 20 cars deep and out onto the street in front of the restaurant. So I pulled in so I could park and go inside, and wouldn't you know it, there was a sign on the door saying the lobby was closed due to short staffing. Problem is I could see they had 4 of the kiosks inside. So instead of opening the lobby so some people could go in to place their orders instead of sitting in their cars they decided they would just bog down the drive through line. Luckily the staff that had decided to come in were rocking it and I had my happy meals in a relatively fast time with respect to how many cars were in line.
  8. I think it's still a lot to do with COVID and restrictions and such. Some parents can't work because their schools aren't back to in person learning in some places. They have to stay at home with their kids and do remote learning with them. Some day cares didn't re-open, so those parents can't work because they have to be at home with their babies and toddlers. There's a lot of other things too. People were laid off or put on furloughed last year, and then decided the hand outs were enough to live on and didn't feel the need to go back to work. You'd think that this day and age people would want to get back to work. It just befuddles me that people are just up and quitting their jobs right now for no good reason and without having a new job lined up.
  9. They reversed the decision on this fish and now they are considering it to be just a channel cat. Photos not enough and other proof eaten: Connecticut recalls white catfish record - Hartford Courant
  10. I like my kayak, the only thing I wish it had was a better seat like some of the newer ones have. My kayak (an older Ocean Kayak Trident 11) has a lot of internal storage and I've put a tent, sleeping bags, sleep mats and other over night stuff inside for 2 people. I can strap a decently sized cooler in the rear well, and still have plenty of space for tackle and 3 rods. I usually have 2 between my legs and the one I'm using. With it fully loaded like that I have to make sure I plan ahead for making it through sketchy sections of the stream since it's sitting pretty low in the water, but I usually have no issues. As I get older though, I think a canoe is in my future just for the ease of things, and having something that is a little bigger than the kayak but yet still the same weight. I think mine weighs about 52lbs. Also the seating position of a canoe looks to be a little better for my aging back.
  11. But did she have as much luck Scott? LOL Happy anniversary
  12. How do those with pickups transport, say, a 15' canoe? My truck has a 5.5' bed and even putting one of those at an angle it will stick out quite a bit if I would throw it in the back. Ladder racks?
  13. Reminds me of a time I was floating on the Big River between DesLoge and Leadwood and found an old stubby Pepsi bottle, like the one below, floating along. Those bottles were from the 80's. Makes you wonder how a bottle like that survives that long without being broken, or who the person was that had that sitting around and decided to drink it finally and discard it in the river.
  14. Lumber has actually come down quite a bit from where it was. We are having an addition and other things done to our our within the next few weeks and are thankful lumber is a less than it was earlier this year.
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