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  1. Well that is the only thing I am a little confused on? Do I check the purple wire at the ignition or the harness at the motor. Guess I'm a little confused as to where to check the purple wire? Also does the key need to be in the on position when checking the wire? Should I be seeing 12volts on the ohmmeter? Thanks
  2. Just to close this out checked everything I could possibly check and just not coming up with anything. Even came across this website where multiple folks would say unplug the 3rd harness (J-3) harness and turn the key. If it dosnet blow when unplugged but blows when that harness is plugged back in then it points to the computer being bad. Need to check my engine harness but thinking about sending this computer of for repair/rebuild. Thanks
  3. Totally hear you on that one and really appreciate you answering my questions. So this evening I went to the motor and disconnected all the red/white harness just to check and see if something there was an issue. Think it was 3 harnesses for fuel injectors and 3 other harness for coils or something? Fuse still blew so come tomorrow I will disconnect all purple harness wires connected under the console. I still think I have some short or something coming from under that dash to the tac or something. I can say that I am learning a lot about this motor just from getting my hands dirty with it. Since I can't get it to the shop for a few weeks I'm trying to diagnose as much as I can and don't want to be told I need a computer when I may not. Thanks again
  4. Also wanted to add that I just disconnected the JA-1 harness, and when I turned key to on position I was able to see the red led systems lights come on the dash. Im and now able to isolate to the specific harness and wire. Guessing this tells me the computer is fine?
  5. Hello wrench, one more question if you don't mind. I opened up the controller and disconnected the purple wire. After doing this I was able to crank the motor without blowing the fuse. It would not start but crank over and assume that this wire is needed to turn on the fuel pump? If I am able to crank the motor with out the purple wire connected do I then need to look at the fuel pump moduel/ harness you mentioned? Sounds like the other location would be where it feeds the tac and star disconnecting the purple wires there? Just want to confirm with the motor cranking over it still is not related to the computer? Sounds like the shops around me are 6 weeks out so trying to diagnose as much as I can. Thanks
  6. Also noticed today that when i turn key to first position the rpm jumps a small bit as the fuse blew
  7. Wrench, just started to look at this issue as it has been raining the lasy couple days. I want to go back on the topic about blowing when it cranks. Thought it blows when in the cracking position but it blows at the first position. Guess my key has a on position then if you push a bit further it cranks but then springs back to the first positon. Not sure if this makes a difference in your diagnosis. With that being said i did see a few nics on the wire but dont think this is my issue as it still popped on me when i pulled the wires out. It also looks like two wires sets connect to two different harness sets shown below and then go into the controller. I disconnected the one harness set that show red, green, blue and it still popped the fuse. Im guess this harness set is for tilt trim and the other harness set that has the yellow/red & black/yellow wire set is the cranking wires and may be where my issue is. My next steps are to open up the controller/throttle case and see if i can disconnect individual wires to test. Could a bad starter or starter solenoid cause this issue?
  8. Gotcha, i will tear it all apart tomorrow and see if i can see anything. Thanks
  9. To diagnosis this should disconnet all the wiring harness them plug them in one by one to see what wiring harness will make it blow. Then at that point trace the wires to see where the short is? There is 3 harnesses on my motor? So i will want to open up the throttle housinv also to take a look at the wores where the key hole is to make sure all is good there also?
  10. That is correct, when the fuse is blown i get no power to the motor at all. No cranking over or no tilt trim. As soon as install a new fush the trim will work. When i crank the motor over it pops the fuse. I took all electonics off the starting battery for a test and still popped the fuse. Battery is almost at full charge.
  11. I have an 08 evenrude etec with about 92 hours on motor from my last report when i had in in for the 3 year service in march. I just got back from pickwick lake when running the motor just died. No power when trying to start and no power when trying to use tilt/trim on the motor. Replaced the 10amp fuse in the motor, trim worked fine, but when i tried to start the motor fuse just blew again. Been looking up causes today and thing are leading to new ECM or computer. Ive had this motor for 5 years and just had my 3year service in march. There is less than 100hours in motor and just want to make sure im not missing something before i take in to the shop. Hoping FishWrench or any etecs owners can shed some light on this issue? Thanks
  12. My self and a few buddies headed down last thursday for our spring trip. Typically we hit bull in the spring but with all the high water, the rock was this springs choice. We got on the water late morning thursday and fished all day. Endes up fishing from dam down to brushcreek. Found a lot of goid size fish on thursday. Friday was a different story with all the wind and rough water we ended up staying close to resort. Saturday we went out late since water temp was 37 in the morning and decided to trailer up to cow creek. Fished from 10 - 4 and only caught 3 keepers that day but ended up with 17 on the day. Lots of shorts caught on ned rig. Bigger fish came on tubes, swimbaits, jigs. Smallmouth in cutts of main lake in pea gravel. Largemouth caught of docks and back of creeks. Found lost of shad in back of creek in little cow creek. Had a mini weigh in for big fish, but were all let go at the resort.
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