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  1. Looking for guides for upper bull shoals for crappie and stripes. Thought I posted this already but can't find it so sorry if it's a repeat.
  2. is the river deep enough to put in at the osage at hwy 50 access
  3. Will be at loz all next week, hope we can boat a slew of crappie. Any suggestions on where to find walleye, will be fishing pb1 and pb2 area but can trailer to a different arm if necessary.
  4. How slow is the mapping at higher speeds does it keep up very well. I like the 4 elite I have in front no mapping but need to replace the one on console looking at the 7.
  5. Does anyone have any input on the lowerance elite 7 with chirp and navonics.
  6. How many entrants were there and how many boats. I will go when I get to know the lake better.
  7. We are going to do that and try at the mouth of the missouri and maybe Into the mo. Going to concentrate on cats.
  8. Thinking about putting in Sunday, is the old dam passable? Would like to catch a few fish bass, catfish, crappie any leads greatly appreciated. Will be in a 20ft Astro white with blue stripe.
  9. I ran up just past fall creek when fog had lifted but was leery about going any further with a fiberglass boat.
  10. I also saw a few paddle boards on the lake around lilleys.
  11. First time out on the lake in a boat, dang thats scary being out there you can't see a darn thing. I waited till the fog lifted then went for a boat ride.
  12. Stripping streamers is my favorite to fly fish. Hope to do some when I'm down there July 25th and 26th.
  13. Sounds like the crappie are still not spawning yet. Did they still have eggs.
  14. On the lake monday through wendsday couldn't find crappie but we caught about 40 short walleye only 2 were keepers we did catch about a dozen large mouth, they still had eggs. I guess we need to fish later for the crappie spawn.
  15. How's the crappie and walleye fishing? Any help appreciated.
  16. Will be fishing the week of May 4th how far over the buck brush is the water level. Hope to get a bunch of crappie and some walleye.
  17. Will be fishng from beaver creek area on up looking for walleye and a stripper would be nice any help would be great.
  18. Its been to long since i've gotten down there but will be there tomorrow. Here fishy fishy.
  19. Fishing glaize arm, put in at state park. Monday mostly all males tue. a couple more females wed. mostly females. Fish were on bank out to about 6ft. off bank and very deep 2ft and shallower around chunk rock and timber, depressions in the bank some large rocks. Using 1/32 oz jig heads retrieve very slow. Colors orange and chartreuse, black and chartreuse was lights out. Water temp ran around 50 to 56 deg. The dirty water didn't seem to hamper fishing at all. Had our limit in 2 hours first day 2 people done by 3 tue. with people done by 1 wed. with 3 people great fishing. At times they preferred jig and float about 15 in deep if no wind very slow retrieve.
  20. Hi Tanner going down next week, what area did you fish? We fish Grand Glaize arm.
  21. If the water isnt to deep there you might be able to see it gleam with a spot light .
  22. That really blows. Put out a reward and maybe somebody will go swimming for it.
  23. Fished with Big Country monday and it was tough 1 here 2 there minnows would have been nice to have but I didnt want any oh well. Had a couple on yum minnow smelt color plus blue gill that wernt to bad
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