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  1. On the lake monday through wendsday couldn't find crappie but we caught about 40 short walleye only 2 were keepers we did catch about a dozen large mouth, they still had eggs. I guess we need to fish later for the crappie spawn.

  2. Fishing glaize arm, put in at state park. Monday mostly all males tue. a couple more females wed. mostly females. Fish were on bank out to about 6ft. off bank and very deep 2ft and shallower around chunk rock and timber, depressions in the bank some large rocks. Using 1/32 oz jig heads retrieve very slow. Colors orange and chartreuse, black and chartreuse was lights out. Water temp ran around 50 to 56 deg. The dirty water didn't seem to hamper fishing at all. Had our limit in 2 hours first day 2 people done by 3 tue. with people done by 1 wed. with 3 people great fishing. At times they preferred jig and float about 15 in deep if no wind very slow retrieve.

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