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  1. I’ve been wanting to there for years and take my boys. Back in my club days we had a tournament there and I thought it was such a neat place. Unfortunately I haven’t been back since.
  2. Thanks for putting that up! Interesting concept of actually adding weight to change it’s action. Have you tried sanding the front to lighten it like they used to do to pop r’s? Of course that adds more work with repainting etc
  3. Wow what an awesome opportunity! Good for you man!
  4. I wish I could get down again while this lasts. Great report Mr. Bill
  5. Which is why they should stick with using hardwood instead of Christmas trees. I love fishing brushpiles and hope everyone else has the same feelings as champ lol
  6. I’m also a Humminbird fan. I’m running the second gen si units even and can’t complain. I’ve had several different models over the last 7-8 years more or less in the same series (898,998,999,798....) and personally see zero problem with the image. I do believe Lowrance units are generally (slightly) crisper but the lakemaster mapping and ease of use out weighs any advantage Lowrance had for my money. When I update I’ll look at all major brands again but I’m already wishing I had a couple solix units. Again you can’t hardly go wrong and none of them have a bad image period. Mapping should be a
  7. They’ve definitely been encouraging to step outside the norm for me, and even motivated me to fish more. If I could afford it I’d go on one of his guide trips on Clear Lake.
  8. 5bites


    Will you be towing to grand much?
  9. I’ve seen this at grand too. 100yds of porpoising gar but catching bass right in them.
  10. I haven’t got to watch this but I thought some of you might like to see it. These guys are easily my favorite youtube channel. I was hoping to run into them while they were in the area. It would have been great if they could have done a seminar but maybe another time.
  11. The cool thing is you got to gain confidence in a new technique
  12. That’s awesome! It’s a great time to be fishing the Rock
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