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  1. represents the day that the last of the slaves found out that slavery had been abolished in the states.
  2. Big Keene


    We trolled bandits, flicker shads, and strike king xd3's yesterday morning for a couple hrs in Mutton Creek and only had 1 small white bass to show for it. Graph showed lots of fish, just not interested in what i was offering. On the upside, my new rod holders worked great!
  3. Big Keene


    Trolled Hartley with bandit 300s for about an hr and a half this evening and caught 5 short crappie, a big bluegill, and a keeper walleye. Surface temp was 88 on my fish graph
  4. any guess as to if it is going to stabilize in the next week? has it been high?
  5. im going to be down next thurs-fri to see about trolling cranks and maybe bottom bouncing a little. Want to try to get my daughter a PB crappie(anything over 12") and her first walleye. my last couple of trips down we have been mid lake or south, nothing north of Hawker. im thinking about fishing out of Orleans Trail this trip, and was just curious if anyone has been fishing the north end at all?
  6. Sorry for missing this one. But we were using both 200 and 300s. Hope you had a good trip.
  7. we did that a month ago and had one evening of incredible crappie fishing, and then the next morning same fish in the same spot didnt want any of it. Chartreuse Rootbeer and citrus shad bandits got a lot of attention, as did blue and purple tiger flicker shad and some home painted silver/purple/chart silver blue chart. Good Luck and let us know how it goes with Lmt Out!!
  8. some of the lakes at Busch Wildlife have Hybrids stocked in them. ive caught them in 33, 34, and 35.
  9. i have a St. Croix Trout Series 2pc 7' Light Fast($130ish i believe) that i absolutely love. i have it paired with a 25 sized Pflueger Supreme, and it's great. great feel, and enough backbone to handle big fish. my brother has the Panfish series, its the same rod, but a one piece vs a 2 and he thinks it is under powered for bigger fish.
  10. Yes sir! We're the ugly crestliner that was staying at unit on the end. I think its gonna be a couple weeks before we get back down.
  11. went a couple of rounds with Stockton this past weekend. Probably the best weekend of fishing we have ever had on that lake. We never left Mutton Creek! started saturday tossing swimming minnows around the dock in the back of the cove and we must have caught 40 9" crappie, only 1 or 2 keepers. most were still full of eggs. once the skunk was good and out of the boat, we went up to the norther inside point and jig/crawlered up a short walleye and some jerkbait bass, including a 17" smallie. saturday afternoon we did some bottom bouncing and got a LMB and a walleye, then started jigging crawlers along the inside 100 yds of the southern point in 15' having one rod hanging a crawler off the bottom, and another pitching swimming minnows up shallow kept us fully entertained until dark. probably another 30 9" post spawn crappie with a couple slabs mixed in, along with walleye, channel cat, drum, white bass. first day ended with 4 keeper walleye and 6 keeper crappie plus one unlucky bluegill, and more short crappie and walleye than i think i have ever caught in stockton total. started sunday morning back at the dock to try to find more crappie, but they had all but shut down. a bass fisherman with a livescope came by and said the fish were still stacked up, just not biting, so we started trolling out to the point where we had caught walleye the night before. we got a keeper walleye and a slab crappie dragging cranks. jigging worms on the point got another keeper walleye and some shorts and bass. sunday afternoon we spent the entire time trolling cranks for crappie out in the middle of the cove, just doing big loops. 15 keepers and most of those were 12"+ 2x that many that we didnt bother to measure, and a couple baby walleye suspending out there. yesterday morning we stuck with the trolled cranks and they were not having it. we picked up a few babys here and there and then headed for home. 6 keeper walleye and 22 slab crappie with more shorts and "by catch" than we could count is a pretty amazing weekend for us, considering the numbers that we caught fishing unconventionally(for us bottom bouncing and jigging crawlers is new territory) thanks again to everybody on here that keeps the info coming so that we can have weekends like this!!
  12. What did you catch the walleyes on, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. thats great! Congrats to the young hunter as well! ive never even seen a triple bearded bird!
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