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  1. Bill there was a time I would called BS that time was about 30 years ago though lol. I see it on Beaver all the time, trailer way to deep. There is a sweet spot for a boat and trailer find it and you can load in any situation almost. I would hate to see these people at Ft Pierce Floriduh North Bridge fighting a Offshore wind and 20knot outgoing tide current yet amazingly people do it every day with no problem.
  2. Dutch there is no discernible difference I can tell in the meat or flavor. I have had both side by side cooked the same way and couldn't tell a difference. The difference comes in the Fresh v Saltwater Apparently freshwater anglers call the White Drum trash fish or garbage ( I remember when Catfish, Halibut, Lobster etc ) were called trash also. Then people talked about how good they were and wow all the sudden its ok to eat them. Same with REDFISH they once were called trash fish and undesirable because they stole bait and ruined tackle when people were fishing for Sea Trout and Flounder. No different than GAR. I still hear them called trash and unfit to eat yet everyone I have cooked them for swear they are going to keep them now and eat them. Its all about dispelling myths.
  3. http://www.egos2slider.com/index.html Best net's I have found and use. I use the 29 deep rubber net. when you unscrew the handle it fits right in your rod locker at the end of the day. Durring the day I just lay it on the front deck. I love the fact it extends out to 60 inches, if your a walleye angler or full time troller they also have a 108 inch handle extender.
  4. What he just said is echoed by many people I have talked with. It is really getting to the point even on weekdays its insanity of rudeness and inconsideration. I fear it will be until School goes back in session and THE VAST MAJORITY of boaters I am seeing midweek are in their teens and early twenty's, Many I wonder if they are even legal to be driving. The best fishing reports have all been 4am launch and back at the ramp by 11am latest on week days or week ends till 9am. Most fishermen are wanting nothing to do with the lake after that myself included. But there is good fishing to be had during those times
  5. There are NO fish in Beaver lake But yes I have Report and will post it. been busy with personal stuff though.
  6. Gotcha, to bad just left the door open for another person to have to go through it. If this gets enough publicity im sure some attorney will. But hey I try to use common since and just seemed since able for the courts to put it to bed once and for all.
  7. Ok so at the end of each season I like making a video of each characters scenes and then looking at them. after doing Little Finger's my first one so far I have had one of those Light bulb Moments. Little Finger is definitely a Targaryen supporter well sorta... More accurately a BLACKFYRE. After the video I went back to the books and the companion books and well I am starting to think he is a Blackfyre.
  8. Oh and just thought of something, Kyle if Pickle wishes to proceed with this he still has the option of Higher courts doesn't he?
  9. All I can say after reading it is this. Another case will come before them again about this exact same issue and they will be forced sooner or later to rule on if a Game and Fish officer is entitled without probable cause or warrant to "Detain" a person without probable cause of a crime being committed. Personally I believe the Defence attorney screwed up when the Judge asked him if Hunting is a "RIGHT or PRIVLEDGE" had he answered it is a RIGHT under the Arkansas Constitution the judges may well have had to answer the question as the detention is a violation of a persons right. Though it may not seem like much to some that distinction may well be the deciding factor in the next case. Though I believe it was a good ruling as I am sure had Pickle shown up to court to pay his fine someone would have caught him being a felon in possession. I believe the courts could have finally defined the AGFC Wardens authorities but they chose not to and why is beyond me it would save time and money in the future.
  10. My guess and purely a guess will be the trout head to Tablerock to find deeper cooler water. This does not bode well for the Trout fishery for some time though. But if people wanted to catch them I would be running 5 to 7 colors of leadcore and a Panther Martin from Beaver Town out in to Tablerock. Could be some fantastic fishing.
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