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  1. I'm gonna buy one, looking at middle of the road quality/ price. Just want to see if anyone here has one they want to get rid of.
  2. I really hope you sell this soon. Incant buy another boat, but man, I am tempted.
  3. Due to a schedule conflict, I will have to bow out. Our Boy Scout calendar was not updated, due to covid. We now have a camping trip scheduled for that weekend. If it gets canceled, as things have been, I will update my status. For now, I will not attend.
  4. ....you must not be a proficient caster. So from what I've read on other forums. But, truly, this sounds like a neat accomplishment or goal. I've yet to catch a goldfish. I do plan on targeting one in the future. I knew of a creek that had some but it's been over 15 years since I've looked for them there.
  5. Watch your words, good sir. "I would be 'game' to try...." cost just may be your life. Lol.
  6. Not sure what to call them other than Micro Cranks. The add said topwater. Well, I'm a sucker. The add lied. For 10 bucks, I've spent alot more on alot less. But, they catch fish.
  7. Caught a couple small guys with my micro crank bait I bought off of Facebook. My personal best gar. Also my first. Just could not find that 3rd fish. Not bad for less than an hour during soccer practice.
  8. Had a good outing with Blake a couple weeks ago.
  9. It is tough to realize it has been 20 years. I do love a good conspiracy, and always dislike the way I am treated or pushed aside for asking questions that don't seem to fit an agenda. Why cant we have a true conversation. I will listen to anyone's view, but most won't listen to mine. Dont get me wrong, I'm not a tin hat guy. But there are many unanswered questions, I like to discuss why.
  10. Just seen a reference to this on Facebook. Watched the video, they were simple back then. A few years before my time, but I always enjoyed it. https://youtu.be/vdSqLfuRN18 Zagat and Evan's 2525
  11. It is a different experience. I think I prefer to wade. Lucas sure liked the boat. I have always had better luck on shore.
  12. I would start by asking the guide(s) you trust. Or by asking around the marinas near where you would like to fish. The better names will be flushed out.
  13. Took Lucas out to introduce him to the Darkside with Ozark Trout Runners Capt Blake Harris was our guide. Lucas had a great time, as did I. Dont tell anyone, but Lucas beat me with the most fish, most species and the biggest fish. He caught 4 rainbows and a sucker. So, I am generally very conscious about life jackets, and gave Lucas the option. While he chose not to wear his, the generation was turning off, and he is an accomplished swimmer, has taken life saving, and has had experience falling off his kayak in cold water. (Like father like son) . The experience was a great one. I have never hired a guide before, and I told Blake that I wasn't worried about me catching fish. I just wanted Lucas to have a good time. Let me tell you, he had a great time. Blake kept up with us, making sure we knew he wanted us to catch fish. I've read about people who had bad guide experiences. While catching was slow to start, Blake was consistently trying to give us pointers, and just keeping the morale alive. When we left, Lucas told me the fishing was fun, but the commentary was awesome. There you have it folks.
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