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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for straightening me out. I figured the hot air, and short cycling the compressor wasn't desirable. Maybe it doesn't matter. 👍
  2. If they ever start a silhouette or baby dinosaur league I'm all in. I suck at punching paper though, so no desire to do THAT whatsoever. 😊 And I ain't going South !
  3. One thing that I think you may have missed, or might have misunderstood.... If you go the compressor route you'll still need a portable tank. You use the compressor to charge up the tank.....and the portable tank to charge up the gun. I don't think anyone charges their gun straight from the compressor. Right Marty? (I could be wrong) If you don't mind a gun that is as long as a giraffe's neck, and want one that is an easy hand pumper, look at the Benjamin Fortitude.22 Baker Airguns has a trigger kit that makes it a really sweet rifle. It's a LOOONG bastard though. Like packing an old flintlock muzzleloader.
  4. Honestly the hand pumping thing isn't so bad. You're usually just topping off from 1600-1800psi back up to 3000 It's good excersise. Hell I can do it with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. I like short compact air rifles, and the only downside to them is the lack of air capacity. But still I can get 32 shots that are stupid accurate before I have to spend 5 minutes on the hand pump. As for scopes.....you gotta have mildots, and a 2-7x is good for most small game airgun work. 3-9x if you wanna show off or shoot tiny dinosaur's at 50 yds. like I do. Hawk is probably the best DECENT & AFFORDABLE airgun scope. Stay away from UTG (their reticles are too thick, eye relief is annoying, and you'll pay extra for crap that is useless, like multicolored reticles). I'm not a huge stickler about crystal clear optics....but if YOU are then Leopold, Nikon, and a few others have better glass ....but expect to PAY FOR IT. You don't want something like a 4x or 6x scope that is set parallax free at 100 yards. like most deer rifle Scopes are. 50 yard parallax-free optics, or adjustable A/O scopes that will range down to 25yrds. are more suited for airguns.
  5. Controlling the shakes is good, but there's no way to safely stop your heartbeat. I've noticed that at 7x I don't see it, but at 9x I do. For me it is better to just not see it so that I'm not trying to fight it. It's still there obviously, but I'm better off not seeing it.
  6. I wish that all of my haters would use it. Why do you suppose they won't ? I actually know why, I'm just curious if you or anyone else does.
  7. Wind, or a stiff breeze, will kill a good match immediately. Hate the wind.
  8. Speaking of trolls.....🙄 I've certainly never "trolled" you.
  9. I have roughly 500 tied up in each of these. Pretty fun shooters. Come play with them if you want.
  10. Check out the Benjamin PCP lineup. You can hand pump several of the models, and they aren't too rediculous in price.
  11. See? Isn't that ignorant? Imagine if you got that kinda response multiple times per day. 😂 Pat is a saint, you got lucky. Please don't rub it in. 😢 😊
  12. When I'm convinced that I'm wrong I freely admit it. I've never been one to avoid being corrected. And I'm not ashamed of being wrong. You gotta convince me though, you can't just say "you're wrong" and expect me to automatically believe you. What am I wrong about TODAY ?
  13. How offensive! You and your marital advice 🙄. Why don't you just See? Welcome to my world. I'm gonna start doing that to all of you guys.....day after day.....so you can experience it too. 😅 No, no I'm not, because I'm a REAL guy that can control hate. 😁
  14. Man I tell ya, it's getting harder everyday to keep from upsetting you guys here. Get mad, find something wrong with everything I post, I don't care. Pfft! Good grief 🙄
  15. Me? Say something rude? OMG, imagine that ! 😂 I wasn't trying to insult you, or say anything rude. Did you miss THIS part......"As much as I'd like to congratulate the young man.....that just AIN'T shooting" ?
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