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  1. It shouldn't be that way though. It's actually a sad fact that everyone is just expected to accept that. Even considering that the law is on their side.
  2. No, and I guess that's a good thing. The last thing my area needs is me leaving a trail of squirting females everywhere I go. The checkout line at DG is slow enough as it is.
  3. Is it that stuff I see advertised that immediately puts women into involuntary orgasms and makes them squirt? I wanna get some of THAT !
  4. I tried to post it, but the site isn't taking my pics today. It is framed with 2" aluminum angle. The SeaDeck isn't slippery when just wet.....but fish slime and a splash of water will make a slick spot for a few minutes until it dries.
  5. 😂 Yeah, it goes into the top of the water pump. That's how cooling water gets to the powerhead.
  6. Thanks Doug,. I have more fun in that thing than I do the bass boat.
  7. You overheated it. Did you make sure the water tube aligned with the pump housing grommet when you reinstalled the lower unit ? Those motors can get hotter than hell and still live. I've seen them bake the paint completely off the powerhead, cool off, and still be just fine.
  8. Today's trolling motors are built with a circuit that pulses the voltage to conserve battery charge % . That is the main function of the "mother board". I've never tested it, but I would almost bet that you'll get more total TIME continuous running than you can get by repeatedly switching on and off. Because when first switched ON you get a blast of full unregulated voltage.
  9. It came off the assembly line in March of 2019 This particular one is just over 2 years old and was probably left uncharged for too long.....cuz it's toast.
  10. The point is....if you can't see something the size of a Kayak with a person in it, then you need to slow down and pay closer attention.
  11. Look on all sides (and the bottom) of the battery to see if it has a date of manufacture sticker on it. If they are 3 years old, or older.....just scrap them.
  12. Isn't the idea of kayak fishing to be STEALTHY ? Cars and motorcycles on the road can be any color, but watercraft has to be bright pink or hunter orange, and have flags attached? Logs and floating debris come in earthy tones and don't wear flags either. I didn't see a guy in a yak once until I was closer than he or I would prefer me to be. I got all pissed and started to chew him out.....but then I thought about it for a minute. Time for ME to slow down and pay closer attention!
  13. I did my little fly fishing Jon boat in SeaDeck. So far I love it. The stuff is kinda pricey but even if it only last 4-5 years I think I'd do it again.
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