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  1. OMG, what a heartbreaker that has to be. For no good reason 😥 I would be beside myself and furious. And that lame attempt at consolation would just make it worse. So freakin' sad. 😔 And oddly enough I don't think the wake riders can make it any better.
  2. They'll allow the sale of cocaine and LSD to pre-schoolers as long as a percentage of the proceeds goes towards entertaining wounded warriors. How else can they repay those poor folks for ruining their lives for nothing? The answer to "Where would we be if those soldiers hadn't fought and died"......is,.... Right where we are today. 🙄
  3. https://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/cove-out-this-saturday-at-ha-ha-tonka-to-watch-midwest-coast-wakesurf-open/article_d3ce2214-ea45-11eb-95de-77a0053639db.html "Wake for warriors"..... There ya have it, everybody has to support it NOW ! That's the new American way, take something that everyone normally hates....and say you're doing it for wounded warriors, so now they have no choice but to LOVE IT. What's next? Tipping over dumpsters and trash cans for veterans ? Personally, I'd rather watch the Mongols and the Galloping Goose 1%ers battle it out on the strip......For veterans of course. 🙄
  4. He treated you better than I would have. 👍 I'd gladly teach him how to avoid filing those stupid quarterlies on his parts. Depends on the job, and the YT channel. There are a few good ones, but seriously, who has the time to figure out which ones those are? If I had a buck for every time I've straightened out something that has been YouTubed it would buy my family a nice dinner. Works pretty good for some things, but outboards are just queer enough to require a certain kind of rationalization.
  5. These old Snappers are a marvel of engineering. I just love them. The wet grass thing truly IS a THING, but your not supposed to cut wet grass anyway, so.....
  6. Yep. This is the heart of a 15 year old one. Figured I might as well put a new one on it, so I got one......But hell, this one looks like it would have gone another 15.
  7. They never show up when they are supposed to. And I like mowing, it's therapeutic.
  8. Naw, it's the 12.5 OHV Briggs. Plenty of power. The only thing I dislike is it has a safety block that won't let you mow in reverse. I'll be terminating that real soon. Previous owner named her Cindy. But that reverse safety thing is her vagina.....and she'll be loosing that (sex change?). She even has electric start, which I didn't know about until I got there. Paid 500.00 for her.
  9. I never had any trouble finding/catching enough crappie to satisfy my needs. Even way back when I had cheesy equipment and didn't know anything about fishing. I hate to knock it, to each their own, but I truly can't understand how guys can get so ate up with chasing crappie. Even the big barn-door sized ones don't fight. I always kinda figured that crappie were put on this earth for Women and Children, and for people who really don't like to eat fish..... Easy to catch, they fillet like butter, and no "fishy taste". I'll go out and get a couple messes in the Spring, Fall, or Winter.....and then I'm done with them.
  10. It's already got a 4-stroke on it, ya numbnuts! A REAL one. Not one of those plastic valved outboard style POS's
  11. She's mine. All MINE ! I'll never let this one get away from me. 🤗 Complete restoration forthcoming. I may even hotrod it a bit. 👹 I don't know when I've ever been more excited. 😁
  12. Mike is a wicked good crappie fisherman. Never known him to spend much time on Whites or anything else though, with exception to the occasional catfish outing. Honestly, Lake O has at least one badass crappie killer living in every cove. Mike Baker definitely has his video editing skills dialed in. He has fun with it.
  13. What difference would it make ? By the assumption that just because you had verbal permission, you then were allowed legal protection for your own stupidity....is rediculous. The "land owner" could always say that NO YOU DIDN'T. You misunderstood. Who gives WRITTEN permission to access their land? Nobody, ever.
  14. When in the history of EVER has a landowner been sued by someone they allowed to fish on their property ? I've heard that crap 1000 times, but has it ever actually happened? I bet not. I've ripped some wicked gashes in my hide crossing fences, hurt my legs falling in holes, and such....but never once did it occur to me that I should seek legal action against the landowners. Surely that isn't a REAL thing that actually happens often.
  15. It's the little things 🙄 Don't use WIRE NUTS ! (DIY guys LOVE wire nuts). Coat all butt splices with liquid tape, or shrink boot them. Make sure all wires are tie strapped to something solid so the wiring isn't flopping around rubbing on anything. Make sure the proper circuit breaker is PROPERLY installed. Make sure battery connections are clean and tight, and for Gods sake throw away the WING NUT'S and use real nuts and washers. Use big stainless fender washers under the mounts to spread the mounting load, and use stainless aircraft nuts, not lock washers. Avoid mounting the unit where the head of the TM hangs out over the gunnel when stowed. There are several other ways to install a TM improperly, but those are the biggies.
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